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  • Ding dong to buy vegetables, bought “Gansu Plateau Sunshine Apple”, which was quickly removed from the shelves, the taste is very good and can’t be eaten again. The details are described as Jingyuan County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province, and the specific variety is unknown. It should be plateau apples, place an order on Taobao with the same origin to try it out and wait for it.


  • Anjing fish tofu (vacuum-locked fresh), almost a must for hot pot at home
  • Langerge yogurt (0 sucrose)

Variety and Origin Notes

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Mark to try

  • Small-handled durian, Southeast Asia
  • Source Honey Papaya (Daqing), Guangdong, year-round
  • Jijing 511, rice
  • Wuchang Rice “Daohuaxiang No. 2”


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