Programmer’s Fun (13)

fall through

261. ! != ! for css

262、git merge

quite tragic

263. Daily work of programmers

Another day like this!

264. I’m not getting old, I just forget a little bit sometimes!

After forgetting a little while executing “rm -rf ./” command

265. Interview completed

266、I can get it done right away

267、Linux understands the law

268、Look at those old codes of mine

269、My whole life is a lie

When JavaScript programmers reverse “Not a Number” is actually a number

270. Use some things that will never change

271、No problem at all

272. Oracle finally updated the Java website


273. Program debug vs. double slit interference

274、I knew it would be like this

275. I heard that programmers can make a lot of money?

That expression is so expressive

276. Code version 1 vs. code version 10

277、We will miss you

Finally the day

278. Wipe away tears – full stack programmer after a busy day

money never sleeps


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