Programmer’s Fun (8)

This article is the eighth series. It has collected more than 20 interesting pictures and interesting short videos. With interesting text, as a programmer, you will definitely smile while watching. This is how the life of a programmer is!

161. Can my laptop still be turned on?

Try upgrading to Windows 11 first

162. Is there a middle way?

Programmer’s way

163. Baby algorithm

 try  {    baby.PlayWithMe(); } catch (bby::sleeptime_exception e) {    baby.SingLullaby(); }

164. Deep Learning

really deep

165. Modify the old code

Fixing any code. Especially code that some idiot like me created. God damn coders ruining coding.

166、Fate of front-end programmers


167. If it is Yoda to learn programming

HP calculators (eg HP-48 GX) did have a programming language that worked this way, eg you could make use of the calculator’s stack system and write commands and entire little scripts in RPN (reverse Polish notation).

Here it was actually helpful to speak like Yoda, LOL … 🙂

168. Infinite Loop

This is a book with algorithms

169. String? Or a string of characters?

string? Or a string of characters?

170. I’m teaching him how to exit the linux console

He is usually unplugged

171. The novice programmer is reading the document

Puzzled! Puzzled! Puzzled!

172. The million-dollar programmer’s room

Tech bros be earning $200k+ a year in cash and stock options and then have an apartment like this


173. The project manager has to add tasks again

You forgot the part when there’s a big congratulatory email of their promotion where they list this project as one of their accomplishments and that it couldn’t be done without them.

174. Relationships as understood by programmers

one to one

many to one

one to many

many to many

175. When I want to catch all exceptions

Just wrap your whole code into one large try-catch block

try { entire codebase } catch Exception { pass }

Problem solved, all exceptions are caught. No need to thank me.

176. The courage to be a programmer

Technical Debt Isn’t Cheap

177. The life of a programmer

Programmer’s life

178. The future of password security is like this

Passwords are getting harder and harder to remember

179, random number

I have bad news guys, random numbers are not random!

180. Infinite recursion

I loved how outside the box that cartoon was as a kid. Very creative. Probably involved drugs by the cartoonists

181. Two senior programmers agreed on some minor issues

such as how variables are named


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