[Prosperous][22H2RP]Win11.0.22622.382 Professional-Minimally Invasive-Optimization

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22621 is on 22H2, RP is much better and more stable than 22000, so there is an optimized minimally invasive version. The function opening package 22622 catches the ducks on the shelves! If you encounter any problems with installing this system, please reply, and we will reply during the holidays. Part of the integration comes from MSMG, and part of the optimization comes from MDL and the forum. Thank you for your support! Mirror unattended Use the tool to know the enemy and the confidant, provide ISO image, with Trained for Administrator unattended version, with RE for version with WinRE recovery environment, ESD image for WinSxS extreme simplified self-built account version, only this The version cannot be updated normally

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