Python developer discussion moved from mailing list to forum

The open source community still widely uses mailing lists as a long-established communication medium, and the Python language community has begun to discuss switching the discussion medium used by developers from mailing lists to
Discourse Forum. The Python project was started experimentally in 2018 using the forum. As part of the experiment, the mailing list python-committers used by core developers switched to Discourse. The mailing list still exists today, but it is mainly used for posting announcements, and most discussions take place on the Discourse forum. Developer Victor Stinner’s proposal sparked a discussion about keeping the mailing list or using Discourse entirely. Victor Stinner says he doesn’t visit Discourse very much and misses interesting discussions on the new PEP, hoping that the new PEP will be posted on the python-dev mailing list. In the ensuing discussion, the Python Language Steering Committee indicated that it would switch the medium of discussion from python-dev to The python-dev list may have its final fate .

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