Qingyuan Kaiwu received tens of millions of yuan in angel round financing

Qingyuan Kaiwu is a medical automation equipment developer. The company aims at the unmet needs of high customization, integration, automation and intelligence in the life sciences, biomedicine and clinical diagnosis markets, and builds a multi-dimensional liquid control system as the core. Flexible building-block technology system, develop two-wing product layout: automated intelligent laboratory equipment and high-end life science equipment, focusing on industrial application scenarios such as sequencing, mass spectrometry, synthetic biology and drug research and development. Recently, Qingyuan Kaiwu completed the angel round of financing and completed all the delivery. The lead investor is Changfa Zhiheng Direct Investment Fund. The funds obtained will be used for the establishment of R&D teams, the construction of technology platforms, as well as the R&D and industrialization of sample pre-processing workstations such as sequencing and mass spectrometry, and high-end life science equipment.

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