Quarantine Edible Manual – Quickly jump to the video link of cooking at station B according to the existing ingredients

The Quarantine Edible Manual is an online service that can combine recipes based on existing ingredients and kitchen utensils. It is simple and fast, and is recommended for students who are limited by ingredients and are still in isolation. @Appinn

隔离食用手册 - 根据现有食材,快速跳转 B 站做菜视频链接

? OK, let’s cook today!

Quarantine Edible Brochure

If you can’t achieve the freedom to buy vegetables at this stage, then if you want to achieve the freedom to cook, try this manual.

Simple and easy to use, three steps:

  1. pick vegetables
  2. pick meat
  3. Choose kitchenware

Then the recipe will appear, see if there is anything you want to eat.

Be sure to have a “big pot that can cook anything”, which is much more reliable than an oven, rice cooker, microwave, and air fryer.

隔离食用手册 - 根据现有食材,快速跳转 B 站做菜视频链接 1

Supplement from developer @yunyoujun: The data part refers to the documents of station B, and there are links on the website. And the original intention is to facilitate the small partners who are isolated at home and have limited materials during the special period, so the recipe materials will be limited to a specific range as much as possible. The recipes were also screened. So strictly speaking, its purpose is not to become a large and comprehensive recipe retrieval application.

A few days ago, some classmates really asked Green Frog how to specify ingredients and then select recipes. This is not the case that applications related to the epidemic have been gradually developed in recent days, and there will be applications for managing items in a while. You have to give developers time, everything can be some.


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