Rainbow goddess leaps into the sky, Go language advanced Go language high-performance web framework Iris project combat – login and graphic verification code (captcha) EP06

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The book is connected to the previous chapter. In the last chapter, we optimized the overall structure of the project according to the organizational structure of “low coupling and high cohesion”. In this chapter, we will continue to write the business, that is, the user’s login logic, and the previous user management module. The account and password are verified for the user account added in the system. After the verification is passed, the information of the currently logged-in user is retained. During the process, a graphical verification code is used to force human-computer interaction to prevent the account password from being brute force cracked. Login logic First, in the logic layer handler package, create a user module file user.go:packagehandlerimport(“github.com/kataras/iris/v12”)//User login template funcUser_signin(ctxiris.Context){ctx.View(“/ signin…

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