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I don’t know if you have seen an animation called “Psycho-Measurer”? In a word, the criminal is used to predict the criminal thoughts generated in the brain of ordinary people, so as to predict the crime. Different people’s minds, cognitions and emotions deduce the likelihood of crime, so the spectrum is divided according to the level of mental “health”. People must show their own psychological grade color to enter and exit public places, consume, work, receive services, and even live a normal life. Otherwise, those who live with chaotic colors will only become mice in the gutter, hiding in The crowded ghetto hides itself, or is arrested on the basis of “criminal symptoms” before the crime occurs, and then placed under house arrest for psychological treatment.

Of course, for the “reasonable party” who must pay attention to logic in watching any plot, this matter itself cannot be realized. After all, human beings have not yet figured out what “organs” of “consciousness” are produced by human beings. and functioning, let alone finding a formula that can be calculated to present the existence of consciousness.

A few days ago, I threw the first draft of “Non-Public Dreamland” to a friend, and then he planned to stand in the perspective of the “criminal” in the story and put forward a few suggestions. The weird thing is that these perspectives from the “criminal” brain are exactly what I originally planned to add when I revised the second draft. When I sent him the screenshots of the fragmented inspiration from the second draft, we were both silent for a while, and finally we came to the conclusion that the original “criminal intent” in everyone’s brain will be in a common way Existence, just to see who will translate this criminal intent into behavior.

When I was in junior high and high school, I liked to play all kinds of entangled plots in my mind while listening to music with headphones on the way from school, and they were actually seasoned series. Among these brain series, it is inevitable that there will be crime dramas that fight and kill as soon as they come up. These plots are often affected by emotions. For example, when walking on a narrow road, a person not only walks very slowly, but also blocks the middle of the road and walks slowly. I, walking behind him, will inevitably be because of his actions. Feeling irritable – so in the next killing plot, there will be a situation where he is the victim.

I have wondered if I have a mental illness, why let my emotions manipulate the brain to structure things that are impossible to happen. Later, the crime plot became clearer, the thinking became more sophisticated, and the murder process became more and more detailed. It feels like the result of the brain’s indifference to the release of emotions. In recent years, I have often imagined myself turning out of the window and being smashed into pieces in the flower bed. If this emotion comes from disgust, maybe those imaginings about suicide are also a disgust for oneself.

It’s a pity that, with today’s technology, we can’t calculate emotions and intentions, let alone predict and prevent crimes from happening through the criminal intent in our brains. If there really is a formula for calculating the mental health of each person based on the color spectrum, the world must be colorful like a rainbow, but people try to domesticate all these colors into the same color.

Let’s talk about another rainbow – that is, the picture of today’s daily writing.

Use the color spectrum to calculate a person’s mental health and criminal intent, so as to limit the person’s behavior, deny those who are dark people in and out of public places, let those who are clear colors, and avoid their intersection, and Maintain a clear color; but sometimes, it is inevitable that the intersection of time and space will occur, and those who hold the clear color will be dyed a dangerous color by another warning color, all on the color spectrum, they have “color” Offset”, not to be dragged into the abyss, but also unable to stay in the original clear place.

As for the above-mentioned colors, the clear ones are green, the warnings from the abyss are red, and those who have accidentally intersected with red in time and space are yellow. And the rules for this color have already been implemented, and even the same as the plot in “Psycho-Measurer”, red is restricted from personal freedom, yellow is deprived of the right to enter and exit public places, they need to be tested and treated, like they Their “criminal intentions” were made public, and they would definitely carry those terrifying reds and yellows to infect others with the clear green, so those green citizens would stay away from these discolored people, and even unite with a group of The good people of green rose up and attacked, and they were not allowed to return to their original dwellings, and were not allowed to leave the prison of pure healing.

Of course, this set of rules will also be “optimized”. In the beginning, red, yellow and green are just a kind of dynamic data management, avoiding the intersection of red and green, stripping yellow from green, and preventing them from causing panic to the original green after turning red . Recently updated with another color, which is orange between yellow and red, which is no longer dynamic data management, but dynamic behavior management. Orange is a priority, superimposed on all colors, and disappears when people complete a certain action. This can be said to be a kind of advance progress of this color spectrum. It is like a Pandora’s box, opening up a whole new world – but it has always existed, just waiting for people to open it, because since then At the beginning of the day, they found that the chromatogram is not only a one-way data management, but can also become behavior monitoring in the future. Not only that, it can also calculate more values ​​that can or should be calculated, and assign more many colors.

Cyan, those who are not married at the marriageable age will be marked as cyan. This is not a symbol of purity, but a “morbidity”, because they do not desire marriage, indicating that they are not responsible for their own lives;

Blue. Those who are sterile after marriage will be marked as blue. This is not only responsible for their own life, but also irresponsible to the entire society. They are all exquisite egoists and violate the laws of social development. ;

Purple, the infidelity of loyalty is absolute disloyalty, disloyalty will be marked as purple, which is the deepest color of the abyss, infinitely close to black, when people fall into the abyss, they will never get less than eternal purity.

Since then, the color spectrum of the rainbow has been used. At that time, people no longer allowed the existence of rainbows in this world.

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