Rave Phantom, Hermes in halter fans

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Since I found something like a hanging neck fan, I have the heart to buy one that is comfortable to wear. The main demands are: not ugly, can blow back, can be folded. And the brand rave on a certain treasure just meets this requirement, the only regret is the price… Otherwise, what about Hermes?

Coincidentally, I saw a junior high school classmate (a police comrade) with a rave around his neck. He said that the effect was okay, and the price was ¥288. But in the flagship store, I found that there is a ¥498 model that is more handsome and has Bluetooth Promise. It is said that there is a national patent for regulating wind speed. Although this thing is not too high-tech when you think about it, but after looking around for three weeks, I couldn’t find a better one. I gritted my teeth and bought it…

Actual ¥489.51 after discount. The advantage of being expensive is that the merchants are proud to send SF Express the next day, and two days from Guangdong to Jiangsu to catch up with the weekend trip.

There will still be an unboxing ceremony. The packaging is really thoughtful.


out of the box



Actual experience:

  1. Looks good. And it is not as bulky as it looks, and it is very light to hang around the neck.
  2. Can be folded for easy backpacking.
  3. The silicone pad on the back of the neck is very skin-friendly.
  4. Four fans, two for neck, two for back, comfortable.
  5. The mobile phone is connected to Bluetooth to control the wind speed steplessly. In general, a soft wind is sufficient, but I am afraid that the wind will blow my facial paralysis…
  6. Field experience to be added later.

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