Reading comprehension questions about AIDS

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Why do I always tell everyone that logical thinking is particularly important? Because once you have logic in your head, it’s easier to spot inconsistencies in things, and thus detect unknowable information. Now let me test everyone’s logical thinking. From the following two papers/books on AIDS with opposing viewpoints (emphasis has been drawn), can you find out what the problem of AIDS is through simple logical analysis? This might make a good GRE reading comprehension question 😄 Also, for students who have taken a basic or advanced computer science class, I encourage them to use what they have learned to understand the issues here. Paper credits: Blattner, W; Gallo, RC; Temin, HM (1988). “HIV causes AIDS”. Science. 241 (4865): 515–6 Book abstracts: Peter H. Duesberg (1996). “Inventing the AIDS Virus”. Regnery Publishing. Chapter 1, p. 3.

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