Reading Notes: “Free Books to Advance DevOps Techniques”

Title: “Free Books to Advance DevOps Techniques”
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The point of this article is simple

  1. Read books to improve your mastery in the field of DevOps
  2. All books are free

All books listed in this excerpt article

  1. Kubernetes Up & Running — Dive into the Future of Infrastructure
    Kubernetes has swept the world for eight years since its release in 2014. As a DevOps, no matter whether your current environment is suitable for using Kubernetes, you must understand what the charm of this container management platform is and why it can beat many competitors and become all containers Top choice for management platforms.
    This book looks at how Kubernetes improves overall work efficiency, speed and overall flexibility from the perspective of developers (Dev) and maintenance operators (Ops).

  2. Designing Distributed Systems — Patterns and Paradigms for Scalable, Reliable Services
    This book written by Brendan Burns explores several common design patterns in decentralized system architecture. In fact, some of these design patterns can be found repeatedly in the design and usage of Kubernetes, so take some time to study the masters. The shared design concept of the distributed system model will be helpful for learning and understanding new systems in the future, or designing a system

  3. 97 Things Every Cloud Engineer Should Know — Collective Wisdom from the Experts
    This free book released by Red Hat collects the experience of many senior cloud engineers and lists 97 things that every cloud engineer should know. These 97 items contain many things, such as data, automation, network Road, company culture, personal development, software development, cloud budget evaluation and many other common topics

  4. Linux — Notes for Professionals

  5. Production Kubernetes — Building Successful Application Platforms
  6. Git — Notes for Professionals
  7. Automate The Boring Stuff with Python — Practical Programming For Total Beginners

The rest of the books are also very interesting, you can read the following books if you need

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