Reading Notes: Money Can Make a Ghost Push… Mattresses; OR: Mattress Buying Guide

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Online: Patricia Marx, How to Buy a New Mattress Without a Ph.D. in Chemistry Print: Tossed and Turned. The New Yorker, June 27, 2022, pp. 16-21. New Yorker columnist Patricia Marx The lady’s humorous writing fires just right. Far from being a gag, her articles usually address or discuss a topic in a serious manner, and generally fall under the scope of journalism (“journalism writing” is not an appropriate translation, because the Chinese word for “news” is too narrow to encompass the scope of journalism,” non-fiction”), and thus fully stand up to the fact-checking of the well-known editorial board of The New Yorker; meanwhile, articles often throw a burden here and there, either knowingly or inadvertently, to make knowing readers smile with laughter. . This article on mattress shopping and marketing does just that. Similar to “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” “starts with words and ends with words”, this article is “started with blackness, and knotted with blackness”. The article opens with a clear point, pointing out that “mattress science” is in hot water: If you want to hear the author discuss how to buy a new mattress, you need a Ph.D. in chemistry, plus a Ph.D. in materials engineering, and a master’s in marketing and bullshit A degree is even better — Before we can talk about buying a new mattress, you’ll need a Ph.D. in chemistry and another in mechanical engineering. How else to make sense of the latest concepts in mattress technology—for instance, hyperelastic polymer, buckling column gel, phase-change molecule fabrics, ballistocardiograph sensors, ice fabric, and 3-D-matrix layers? A master’s degree in marketing and bullshit will also come in handy. You will have plenty of time to pursue your degree …

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