Real-time playback implementation scheme of webcam RTSP video stream WEB side


How to play the IPC video stream in the WEB browser in real time, the video stream format is RTSP.

Below I have sorted out the solutions I implemented and some solutions I saw on the Internet

1. FFmpeg + nginx will transfer hls to play through video.js in browsers that support h5 (I implemented it)

See also: Nginx+FFmpeg realizes rtsp streaming to hls stream, and realizes video playback through H5 video in WEB

Insufficient: hls delay is larger than rtmp, http-flv

2. FFmpeg + nginx-rtmp-module + h5 video, rtsp to rtmp playback

Note: Play rtmp stream via video.js. The code needs to be put on the server, the local windows computer cannot play

Disadvantage: Requires browser to open flash

3. FFmpeg + nginx-http-flv-module + flv.js, rtsp to rtmp, play flv format directly

Based on nginx-rtmp-module, rtmp is converted to flv through configuration, and finally played through flv.js.

This way is the most ideal solution I have found so far. Of course, it just means that you don’t want to spend money on a charging plan.

4. WebRTC

Five, streamedian

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