Record yourself | 2022.06.12

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1 Today’s weather in Hangzhou: Rain 2 My weekends are usually rest days, and I also slept in late today, but a large part of sleeping in is due to the weather. If it’s sunny, I prefer to get up early and go out for a walk. . Hope this rainy season will end soon. 3 After watching a few episodes of “Slam Dunk”, I saw Xiangbei VS Hainan. In the end, Xiangbei unfortunately lost the game by two points. At the last moment of the game, Sakuragi made a mistake and passed the ball to the opponent and lost the draw. The chance to get back the score. In the slam dunk master, Sakuragi is indeed a genius-level figure. After three months of playing, he can make a lot of masters […]

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