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1. I told my cousin about sports today. Why do we need to exercise? She is still in school now. Apart from running at school, she rarely does other sports. This also causes some problems in her body and state, such as anxiety, and often takes traditional Chinese medicine. Anyway, I don’t think this is a problem. good situation. In fact, for most people, exercise is nothing more than two things – health and good shape. But I think that health is irreplaceable, because only with health can a good figure have room to play. Just like me, before high school, my body was very weak, thin and short, and my physical strength was not good. I only started playing basketball in junior high school, but I didn’t think about exercising at that time. In fact, when I played basketball, at the beginning, it was just to be handsome and to attract the opposite sex. I think most friends who play basketball will have this idea, just like there is a saying in the basketball world: there are black silk on the sidelines, and James is dunked. In fact, this is also a kind of motivation to play basketball. But what is the premise of being handsome? It is necessary to have enough physical ability and skills, otherwise a person who can’t play basketball will only make a joke when he plays basketball. Physical ability and ball skills need to be exercised, which requires more exercise. And now, I think more about my own health, and health is inseparable from exercise in addition to eating, drinking, sleeping, and feeling good. Just like Lin Daiyu, part of the reason for her frailty is congenital, and the other part is that she doesn’t exercise, sits all day, and doesn’t have to do anything in the Grand View Garden. Get sick. So I think that no matter what work we do, no matter how busy we are, we should make time to exercise, because only health can have everything. 2. After a day of work and study, my head is about to explode, but because I bought a bicycle, I can go out for a ride when I have nothing to do, but in summer, I can only ride in the early morning or dusk. too hot. Going out for a ride is really refreshing. If you have a friend in Hangzhou, you can also make an appointment.

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