Relevant persons responded that “reverse mining is not allowed to access the securities system from today”: no similar notice has been received


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Today, a rumor about high-frequency trading affects the A-share market. Rumors say that the reverse mining of access to the securities system is not allowed today. Whether it is subjective or quantitative, it involves the high-frequency system of securities companies or the seats cannot be newly connected for the time being. It is expected that the volatility will decrease and the transaction will continue to shrink. In this regard, a relevant person from a leading brokerage said that it has not received a similar notice. The other two brokerages responded directly that there was no such thing. This morning, possibly due to the above-mentioned rumors, the A-share market once accelerated its sell-off. The recent A-share market, due to its relatively small trading volume, is also easily affected by relevant rumors and triggers a huge earthquake. (Broker China)
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