Remember the cross-border VISA/Mastercard debit card application attempt and related problem solutions

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This year, I just arrived at the legal age to apply for a debit card independently. I already had a UnionPay debit card before, and recently I have a demand for overseas payment, so I thought about applying for a VISA or Mastercard bank card.
Since the conditions for applying for a credit card cannot be met at present and in the next few years, this time I tried to apply for a debit card.
Originally, I learned that Bank of China has such debit cards to meet some needs, so I didn’t know much about the same type of other banks.
If you do not have a Class I card, you can consider applying for a current passbook, see below for details.

VISA articles

At present, it seems that VISA debit cards need to be applied offline. The number of cards in each regional branch is different, and it cannot be guaranteed that all outlets have the card face they need.
Therefore, before going offline, it is best to call the branch you want to go to and ask if there is a corresponding card board, so that the whole process will be smooth.
However, if the branch you go to does not have an existing card board, you may wait for the card board to be sent to the branch after the processing is completed and notify you to receive it directly (this does not rule out the very inhumane operation of some branches).
Fortunately, the branch where the blogger went did not encounter such problems, so a very pleasant card sign-up experience was opened.
First of all, the lobby manager will ask what business to handle, and you can answer truthfully (just say that I want to apply for a cross-border VISA card), and you will get a number if you provide your ID card or Bank of China bank card.
When I got to the counter, I directly said that I wanted to apply for a cross-border VISA card. Next, the teller may ask you the purpose of applying this card, but I did not encounter it (perhaps because I am a student, it is required for studying abroad by default).
Luckily, the teller took out a bundle of VISA gold cards on the spot, but unfortunately, after inquiring, there was no Mastercard card and VISA Winter Olympics special edition (but I checked the official website and clearly showed that this outlet is available).

open card

Transaction code 037205无账户开预制卡开通借记卡业务功能037243 037601卡与账户关联
Probably because there was a Bank of China card before, the card opening process is very simple, and the whole process takes half an hour.

Problems encountered in this process

As the bloggers currently do not meet the requirements for applying for a Class I card, they cannot use the original debit card for foreign exchange settlement and purchase operations in mobile banking. Could it be that you have a useless “empty card”? In line with the principle of asking the truth to the end, the intern who handled it for me was stunned and then asked the other tellers.
Although the current passbook account is not a savings card, it has the function of type I card in mobile banking, and can conduct foreign exchange settlement and purchase operations. It only needs to transfer money into the passbook or deposit money directly offline with the type II debit card, acting as a transfer. function. However, when applying for a passbook, you must bring 50 or 100 yuan in cash. After opening an account, you can directly deposit it to activate the passbook account before you can conduct transactions in mobile banking.

Product category 5506 Product sub-category 0611 Personal current one-stop master account, the actual measurement can be used to purchase foreign exchange without 5502 0621 settlement account or other accounts.


It has been planted by the Monegasque style for a long time and it is a world debit card, so I will take it this time!
It seems that there is no threshold for online application, and the blogger applied twice.
The first application shows that the format of the industry that the company belongs to is illegal. In fact, it is because your work information in the system is incomplete. You can fill in the work unit information completely in Mobile Banking-My-Security and Settings-Personal Information-Other Information ( Students can fill in the school), although the application has been approved, it shows that the card has failed when opening the card. It is estimated that it is a system problem.
For the second time in June, the process went very smoothly from acceptance to approval, card issuance to card making and final delivery. ::quyin:1huaji::
7.6 Send 7.9 Sign for receipt. It takes seven days to open the card, six days to make the card, and three days to deliver the card. It takes half a month to get it!
All in all very pleasing.

After getting the card, you need to go to the offline outlet to activate it, and you can activate it at the smart counter.
When you enter the branch, someone will still ask you what business you are doing, just answer the debit card activation. Everyone present who took out the MasterCard didn’t believe it was a debit card.
Then someone guided the operation of the smart counter, which was nothing more than a routine operation of verifying faces. Then just wait for the on-site staff to verify. However, there was a small problem in the end of the verification. It seems that the system did not allow it to pass. After the staff communicated with other people, they did not ask me anything and passed the application manually.
Harvest a single receipt~


After activation, the two cards must have deposits within three months, and only foreign currency is accepted. In the actual measurement, the PayPal binding in the country is successful, and the deduction is $1.95. Generally, the deduction is successful on the next day.
Oracle cannot bind these two cards,!!! prostitution failed !!!

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