Renovation Diary 2

The renovation is more than halfway done. It was originally planned, and the basic renovation should be over at present. However, due to the epidemic, some materials were delayed, resulting in a delay in the construction period.
At present, the oil work has just started, but just today because of the epidemic in Beijing, it has been suspended again.

Compared with the previous apprehension, with the familiarity and learning during this period, I gradually became calm, and gradually found my own rhythm and decoration point of view about the process.
Currently thinking of starting construction as soon as possible and completing the renovation as planned.

Originally, I thought about recording the decoration process through Douyin or Xiaohongshu, but later found that if it was recorded from time to time, it would not be conducive to the advancement of the foreman. Because the renovation could not be completed,
I also can’t really express the pits encountered during the renovation process, and how to deal with the measurement.

So just wait for the basic decoration in the later stage, and then record and share it.

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