Replacing vagueness with four likenesses

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Foreword of Yang Ruichun’s “Southern Weekend Special Manuscript”:

In my opinion, the choice of words and sentences looks like a writing technique, but it is actually a kind of collective unconscious. The efforts of news writing to get rid of the stereotyped tone for more than 30 years, and to delve deeper, is a strong desire to break free from the shackles of ideology. But how difficult it is to get rid of the “wolf milk” that fed you growing up. This is also why some intellectuals who claim to be Western values ​​use the “Cultural Revolution” tone when they scold them. What kind of vocabulary emerges from the depths of my mind, what kind of sentence combination, such as path dependence, get rid of the old, dazed, where can I rely on? Therefore, many people can only make indistinct sounds in their throats.

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I have lived with a foreigner who does not speak Chinese for more than 20 years, and even living in Taiwan now, the chances of speaking English are still much higher than speaking Chinese. But when I meet people who speak my native language, I definitely don’t think adding a few English words will make it easier to express myself. Those who like to add English words and make mistakes, why?

It is indeed easier to acquire a foreign language in a native environment, but that is only a prerequisite. Unless you have a clear intention and practice, or foreign language will not make much progress. But what we’re seeing here is an instinctive antibody response to impurities in Chinese.

The world is so big, where is there no branch? I think of a Sapporo college student who wrote a book in a certain issue of “G-Modern” magazine, saying that the album cover of “USE” in “USE” by Mikami is a bit cheap: if the three are wide, the three are wide. Why Kan Mikami? This is narrowness. Hayami Yuuyun : Miso Soup with Toast, why not?!

It’s not about which one is easier to express yourself, it’s about choosing which color and texture squares look better in your suit pockets.

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