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Mo Shangren is like jade, the son is unparalleled in the world

July is in a hurry, it is coming to an end, let me review this hot July 😛

WRC Foshan Race

The WRC finals, which have been postponed for half a year, have finally finalized the date. It is still Foshan on the 8th and 10th. This is the third time to hold a robotics competition in Foshan. I just want to say that it is really difficult to hold an event during the epidemic. Various epidemic prevention requirements, and sometimes I feel that epidemic prevention is too much. We have entered a “sick society”, and all living beings are sick. It has changed into a form and exists in our mobile phones. There is no code in our hands, and it is difficult to move an inch. In order to live or survive, in order not to “get sick”, people can only adapt and cooperate. However, we have not experienced the smooth feeling of walking freely in the streets and alleys and shuttles around the country for three years.

It may be politically incorrect to write this down, but in my opinion, the three years of experience can be called “magic”. Although people are gradually adapting to the normalization of the epidemic under self-anesthesia, I still hope that the lockdown will be fully lifted as soon as possible. Back to old life. ✨

This game is probably the busiest and most tiring game I have ever held. In order to promote the event smoothly, I took the initiative to undertake a lot of things. From the beginning to the end, I may only sleep for three days. After 15 hours, the most refreshing meal I ate was a bowl of Lanzhou ramen ordered by my colleague🍜. I thought it was delicious. Maybe I was in the most tired, sleepy, and hungry state at that time, haha, people are right here What happened in the toughest times is the most memorable.

The team of this event is relatively new, and several colleagues have no experience in robotics events. After this event, the subsequent events will be much easier to manage.

Signal problem in the village

In recent years, with the policy of “rural revitalization”, the village has changed its old appearance, the roads have been hardened, and the street lamps and toilets have been properly arranged, but the communication problem has not been solved for a long time. I still miss it all the time, and the video call with my family is also quite poor.

I tried to call China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom for feedback. Both China Mobile and China Unicom are actively following up on this matter, but China Telecom clearly stated that it cannot be covered. Later, I learned that China Unicom is going to build a new base station near our village🗼, and I will see the effect when it is built. If it doesn’t work, I will continue to give feedback. If it can solve the signal problem, it will be perfect. For our village, it will solve a heart problem, haha. .

photo printing

After more than a year, the photo printing📸 has been arranged again. I think this matter is quite meaningful and will continue forever. I spent a day on the weekend sorting out the photos of the past year or so, and the old pictures kept reappearing in my mind, so beautiful. A photo is like a time machine, it can take you back to that moment.

I have organized dozens of photos, including many old photos from my childhood, and I plan to print them out. The paper version always feels better than the electronic one. In addition, I also printed out the photo of the family portrait 👨‍👩‍👦. This is the third year of our family photo. We plan to take one every year, and so on.


And my father’s other eye 👁 also had an operation. The operation went very smoothly. Whenever my parents fell ill, I felt extremely ashamed. Entrusted to relatives, oh~ I have been looking at some insurance products recently, and I plan to buy one for them. As I get older, it is inevitable that there will be bumps. 😟

The epidemic is still going on, I don’t know if the trip to Beijing next month will be successful, Maybe can go home, oh, this annoying epidemic and the epidemic prevention strategy behind it~😪

📌 Written on July 27, 2022 at 21:47:19 in Shenzhen

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