Riding a Horse 1: Buying a Horse in the East Market

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I used to love horseback riding. It’s not the kind of walking and taking pictures in the scenic spot. What I like is the feeling of running freely on horseback. I used to go to Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang to find horse farms, and then discussed with the owner to find an open space to ride and play. Later, the specifications became more and more detailed, and the protective gear became more and more complete, and it was not easy to find horse owners who were able to let tourists play by themselves. But I’ve never ridden in one of the equestrian clubs in the city, it’s too expensive and too aristocratic, it just doesn’t match my temperament.

Two years after moving to the mountains, things were slowly stabilizing, and I started thinking about raising horses. In a city like Beijing, “raising a horse” is a hobby that can only be afforded by the rich. Buying a horse requires a lot of money, and then it has to be fostered in a special horse farm, with monthly payment for feed and labor, and it has to take a bath every now and then. Check out hoof trims, etc., and burn at least six figures.

But raising horses on the mountain is actually very simple. There is no need to buy special feed. The mountains are full of wild grasses. There is no need to nail hoofs, because it is the innate nature of horses to walk on the ground all day long. Only those who often run on concrete hard roads need nailed palms to protect their hooves. Basically having the bridle and reins ready is all the added expense of raising a horse.

And what kind of horses do you keep? I know that real horse racing enthusiasts value bloodlines very much. There are many breeds of horses, such as Sharma warm-blooded Shetland horses, etc. Even domestic horses are divided into places of origin such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Northeast China. But I have considered a few points. First, I have no experience in raising horses for the first time. Local horses are the most suitable for the environment. The shipping fee is very high, and how to get to my mountain is also a problem (generally, the logistics are only sent to the county seat, and I am not sure that I can use the picarama); third, the price of breed horses is often high and the water is deep, and I am afraid of being pitted; fourth, I He is short, and if you buy a tall horse, you have to get a stool to climb on. So in the end, I decided to buy a local horse in Yunnan, regardless of any breed.

In fact, it’s similar to cats. Some people love cats and can recognize breeds. The cute and cute Maine Coon dolls with folded ears are coquettish and domineering, but I think these are good, but cats themselves are very cute, and local cats are also very good.

After the decision was made, it was an inquiry. At first, it was estimated that more than 8,000 could buy a young horse, but when I really looked at it, I found that there were no horses for sale nearby. According to neighbors, there used to be horses, but then mules monopolized the market, because horses are explosive, and mules are better in endurance. Gradually withdrew from the stage. But the good news is that the weekly market has a place dedicated to livestock trading, the bad news is that there hasn’t been any since Covid-19…

So I can only ask people to go to the surrounding area to inquire, and the quotations are getting more and more outrageous, 12,000 to 15,000, and it is even heard that the “boss” wants to buy a direct lion’s mouth for 20,000. In the end, the neighbor’s aunt came forward and said that their family wanted to buy them. I found one with a reasonable price, and brought two horses for me to choose. One was a stallion, sturdy, not yet gelding, barely tamed. The other is a mare, tamed and ready to ride, but rather thin. After discussing with my aunt and my family, we decided to have a stallion. You can train the horse yourself, but if the horse itself is not in good health, it may be troublesome in the future.

So in February 21, I bought Wuming for less than 10,000. At that time, the seller said that he was three years old, but later the veterinarian said that he was far from coming. It is estimated that he was born in the middle of 19 years, and he is now three years old.

Nameless, who was more than a year old at the time, his physical form is close to adulthood

Anonymous is chestnut-colored, with a black mane, except for a small tuft of white hair on his buttocks. Horse hair feels very good to the touch, fluffy, and can feel the tight muscles underneath. It is still very warm in winter, so in the past, knights would sleep with horses at night.

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