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The yearning for Italy stems from the influence of CCTV. Whether it is the reports on Serie A by World Football and Football Night, or Huang Jianxiang’s hysterical commentary on Italy’s World Cup victory, I know that on the Apennine Peninsula, there are a group of The fanatical and handsome Mediterranean people are full of pilgrimage-like enthusiasm and madness for football. Later, I read Calvino’s literary works and the “Naples Tetralogy”, learned about the history of the Roman Empire and the knowledge of the Renaissance, and watched “Eat, Pray, love” and many Italian food shows, which made me even more fascinated by this. The multicultural country has generated great interest. Taking advantage of the post-pandemic retaliatory travel boom in Europe, I also found time to visit Naples , Rome and Milan. These few weeks, I have not only been shocked by the magnificent architecture and dazzling works of art, but also been spoiled by the traditional Italian food and the local handsome and beautiful women. The following is my travel guide, please refer to it.​


When you come to Naples, you must be a big eater. The Neapolitan friends I met in Lisbon and London prepared me a detailed list of recommended restaurants , writing down specialties to try. I stayed in Naples for a week, and I couldn’t go through all the restaurants on the list. Of the more than a dozen restaurants and stalls I visited, almost none of them were mine pits. You can see the pizza, pasta, ice cream, and fried food in Naples. And how high the standard of dessert snacks is.

The daily routine is to look up at the dome murals and look left and right at the city alleys. Traveling through large and small museums and Catholic churches, I was amazed by the magnificent dome murals, and also shocked by the archaeological remains, especially when I saw the statues of those Stoic practitioners, which made me revisit this ancient Rome. Philosophical teachings, also practiced “Amor Fati loves destiny” and “Memento Mori remembers death”.

The biggest feeling of visiting Italy in the past two days is that their inaction in World War II is really justifiable. With such good food and spiritual life, who wants to suffer on the battlefield? Why not enjoy a pizza in the sun, then have an espresso and dessert, look at the monuments and go to church to pray for a perfect day, Mommy. When I come to Italy, I have personally experienced that I will be praised by Italian brothers and uncles when I walk on the street or eat alone. After they praise, they leave without talking nonsense. It really makes people feel comfortable. After all, who doesn’t like listening to some nice words!

Sunlight pours down through the skylight of the church dome,
It shines everywhere.
Constantly lamenting that Italy is the light of Europe,
A walk on earth,
must come here,
Experience the fascination of human civilization.

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I dedicated my Serie A live debut to Napoli (many fans like to call the team Napoli) against Boloni, and I saw five goals. At the beginning of this year, watching the Barcelona game live, I was shocked by the majestic momentum of the Camp Nou stadium , and the Napoli fans did not disappoint me. The atmosphere exploded, with cheers and singing.

Under the influence of Rangjang’s players, he focused his attention on the Georgian football king Khvicha Kvaratskhelia in Napoli (the name is so long, let’s call him 77). The young man’s foot skills are good, and he can pass the ball and feed the cake twice. He is very promising at a young age. When I was a child, I watched “Football in the World”, and I dreamed that one day I could check in the five major leagues and visit the Champions League/European Cup/World Cup in person. Now it is being realized one by one, and finally I can give an explanation to the child who has a dream!
??????? Premier League ✅
?? La Liga ✅
?? Serie A✅
?? Australian Super League ✅
?? Chinese Super League ✅
?? Portuguese Super ✅
? Arrangements for next year:
?? French
?? The Bundesliga is nothing but dreams, maybe one day it will come true!



In 79 AD, Mount Vesuvius in Italy erupted, flooding towns within 15 kilometers of it, including Pompeii as we know it now.

This ancient city with a thousand-year history was not seen again until 1748. Today’s ruins and more than 1,000 buried corpses can help us understand the glory of Pompeii in the past.

I walked under the scorching sun for more than five hours and could not fully appreciate the scenery of the ancient city: hot springs, temples, shops, squares, mansions, Colosseum, theaters, gardens and Lupanare, in conjunction with the large Tintin exhibition of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples Watch and discover the essence of the Roman Empire’s erotic history…

All beauty must die… Things change. Just like Quentin’s different ending for Sharon Tate in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, perhaps in another parallel space, the city dwellers of Pompeii and Atlantis were able to escape natural disasters and continue to be happy live happily…



The famous Italian island of Capri has been the favorite holiday destination of Roman emperors since ancient times, and now it has become the most frequented tourist attraction for Hollywood stars and celebrities.

The tour guide said that the Blue Hole in Capri is open for less than 90 days a year, and it is only on that day that we know if we can visit it smoothly. Many tourists have come three or four times and have not been able to see the blue hole. Luckily like me, the weather and water level on the day of the tour were very good. I took a small boat to lie flat and entered the dark cave. The external sunlight was refracted and the sea inside the cave showed a particularly beautiful blue color. The sailor brother will also sing the ancient Neapolitan folk songs in the cave. The singing forms a natural reverberation with the echo of the rock wall of the cave, which is extraordinary.

The happiest thing is that I found a Camellia scent that satisfied me in the century-old perfume shop in Capri, ate Torta Caprese, the famous local chocolate cake, and drank the well-known limoncello Limoncello. Sitting on the ropeway to the top of the mountain, looking down at the gorgeous scenery in front of you, you are satisfied!



One of the things with the highest ROI when traveling alone is taking the initiative to take photos of others. Especially when you see solo travelers or someone taking pictures of Ta’s friends and family, take the initiative to take pictures for them, so that group tourists (family, couples, classmates, etc.) can be in the same frame, which can be said to give people roses and have a fragrance in their hands. because they’ll appreciate your actions and even take pictures for you in return.

When I visited the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I almost became a scenic spot photographer and helped no less than five couples to take photos that could basically isolate the crowd (at least ten circles of people). Seeing their affirmation of my photography skills makes me super happy too! One of the little brothers is now learning and selling, and from the perspective I picked for them, he also helped me with one, and the children can be taught.

Wandering around the Colosseum, I remembered a quote by the historian John Meecham, “When we condemn slavery of the past, and our predecessors who deported Native Americans and denied women’s rights, should we think that we What problems exist in the current era that will be severely criticized by future generations?”

Just a few generations ago, doctors were still recommending the benefits of smoking to the public; 200 years ago, humans didn’t even know the existence of dinosaurs… This kind of ignorance makes humans ask themselves: What else is there that we don’t know today and think it is? Right, all will be falsified when they are revealed one by one in the near future?

History is always staring at human ignorance, how absurd and ridiculous our mistakes are. Things and concepts shared by millions of people may one day fall to the ground in an uproar. When you realize this, you feel that what we are doing now is irrelevant, we are just the history of future generations. This is frustrating and thought-provoking.


The irreplaceability of the physical world is reflected in witnessing the authentic work of a favorite artist.

Although you can see a clearer electronic backup online, when you stand in an art gallery and feel the texture and color of the master’s paintings at a super close distance, the feeling built by the brain on this basis is unparalleled.

Caravaggio, my favorite Italian painter, is good at using the interplay of light and shadow to create shocking paintings on the theme of biblical stories. Most of Caravaggio’s works were seen as blasphemous at the time, in line with his own deviant character, often caught up in disputes and strife, and lived a life of displacement but still without food and clothing.

This visit to Rome coincides with the upcoming release of the movie “Caravaggio”. The streets and alleys are full of Caravaggio-style posters, which will be released worldwide on November 3!


Vatican City

The Vatican can be regarded as the culmination of human civilization. Religious beliefs, architectural styles, sculptures and paintings, refined playthings… The small country of China has brought together the cultural essence of thousands of years. Walking in it, you can feel the influence of art.

Although I had browsed Michelangelo’s “Genesis” painting countless times before, when I personally came to the Sistine Chapel and looked up at the real face of the dome fresco, I was still amazed. The creation of this giant mural took more than 4 years. There are 343 figures in the 9 central pictures and many decorative paintings. Michelangelo was dubbed the “Holy Michelangelo” by the world after he finished his draft at the age of 37, and he also caused irreversible damage to his health due to over four years of sleeplessness and striving for perfection.

As a creator, if you can leave such wonderful handed down works like these predecessors, even at the cost of your health, you will actually be willing to do so. Instead of lingering on, it’s better to burn it out. Maybe one day when I taste the prosperity of the world, I will exchange my life for an ultimate goal.

When visiting Italy, I feel the greatness of human beings all the time. We can use the ordinary things in nature to create civilization. While the laws of physics can help us explain everything we see in the universe, they cannot explain the emergence of Manhattan and Rome.

If we really want to understand the universe, we need to consider the existence of human beings, and include human actions and choices into the scope of interpretation, because we can constantly update and iterate old cognitions and create new civilizations. Now is the best time, because we are in the beginning of the infinite, to discover the ultimate truth of the universe.


The majestic Milan Cathedral is the representative of the Gothic church style. Construction started in 1386 and completed in 1965. After more than five centuries of ups and downs, it has witnessed many historical events including the coronation of Napoleon.

Listening to the gripping songs of street performers in front of the church square, eating the famous fried pizza and ice cream, suddenly got the feeling that my digital nomad life was coming to an end, it was time to settle down again and live a stable and refined life of life.

Walking around Milan in the past two days, I always feel like I am back in London, whether it is the weather, the street view and the cosmopolitan style. However, walking on the streets of non-tourist areas, you will see more handsome guys and beautiful girls than London. Accept the baptism of fashion these days, and stroll around and cherish it. After all, when you go back to Lisbon to participate in ETHLisbon and Web Summit, you will deal with The standard configuration of the people is a pullover and a drag board.

My life has been so traversed this month, from the English manor in 1549 to the ancient city of Pompeii in AD 79, from the Etihad and Maradona to the Colosseum, from the remnants of a thousand-year civilization to Ethereum and the Internet Conference, hurry up to arrange a herbal retreat this weekend to give the brain a buffer space.

See you next week.


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