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I just learned today that the iCloud + Turkey 2 TB plan only costs 65 lire a month, or RMB 25. Even with the service fees of some gift card sellers, it is far lower than the price in the US. Now the exchange rate of RMB against the US dollar has fallen too badly, and it is more than 70 yuan a month with the US plan. The economy is not good, you can save if you can, so I switched the region of Apple ID today.

Conclusion first:

  1. As long as the conditions are met, the region of the Apple ID can be switched at will.
  2. Family sharing can be cross-regional, at least you can use the Apple ID in the local region to invite the Apple ID in the US region to join the family.
  3. Gift cards must be bought from official channels, Taobao sellers are not considered official channels.
  4. The iCloud+ subscription in the soil area does not have the “Private Relay” feature, other features are available, and are available to family members.

How I do it:

It is easy to switch the Apple ID account region, but it is generally impossible to switch directly. Unless the Apple ID is brand new, you need to:

  1. First stop the existing iCloud + subscription (that is, modify the storage space to the free plan). Don’t worry about the data stored in iCloud, because the current plan does not stop immediately, it will end at the end of your current subscription.
  2. Turn off existing family sharing. Likewise, there should be nothing to worry about.
  3. There is no balance in your Apple ID. Accounts bound with Paypal or bank cards generally do not have this problem.

If you do not have a Turkish bank card, you need to hook up an agent to Turkey, otherwise there is no None option for the switched payment method. Because there is no payment method in Turkey, you need to buy a gift card in Turkey. I couldn’t find how to buy it on the official website, so I found a third party to sell it. Here you need to find a more formal website, otherwise the black card will easily lead to the blocking of the Apple ID. Apple cracks down on the black card very seriously. If an account is blocked, all related accounts (such as other accounts that have logged in on the same device) account) will be blocked.

But there is a hidden danger here: if there is a balance in the account, you cannot switch the Apple ID region. The value of using a gift card to recharge is generally an integer, and most of the App or iCloud subscriptions have decimal points. If you need to change zones in the future, it will be a headache how to use up the account balance recharged through gift cards.

So I switched my daily Apple ID back to the US, and registered a new Apple ID in Turkey. I subscribed to iCloud+ with the newly registered land area ID, then added my daily Apple ID to the family through Family Sharing, and turned on the sharing of iCloud+ subscriptions. In this way, if you can enjoy the iCloud + subscription, you don’t have to worry about changing regions in the future. Family members can be added across regions, for example, an Apple ID in a local area invites an Apple ID in the United States to join the family. This is very strange, because the invitation from the US area in the past does not seem to work for the Chinese area.

In addition, the iCloud + subscription of the daily Apple ID has not expired. After joining the family sharing, I still use the subscription of this Apple ID. I don’t see how to switch to the family sharing subscription on the mobile phone, but on the Mac, you can If you switch to the family sharing subscription in iCloud, the mobile phone will also switch to the family plan after the switch. The most important thing is that after the switch, Apple will refund the money for the current subscription period (that is, the month that was recently debited), which is very conscientious.

The whole process is quite frustrating, because it took some time to find information, such as logging out of the account, logging in to the account, verifying, purchasing gift cards, and exchanging gift cards. Try it for a month first, if there is no problem, you can recharge some more balance at one time, reducing the trouble of switching accounts, recharging and other actions.

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