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Karl Friedrich Schinkel was Prussia’s foremost architect, town planner and painter. From 1798 to 1800 he studied architecture in Berlin with Friedrich Gilly and his father. After traveling in Italy, he started working as an independent painter in 1805. One of Germany’s most famous architects, he created neoclassical and neo-Gothic architecture, mainly in Berlin and surrounding towns.

In this work Hinkle organizes his impressions of his first trip to Italy, when he went to Friuli and other places. From a tall and majestic cave, a deep canyon can be seen. On the right side of the work there is a bell hanging in a crack, and a monk is sitting and praying. On a rocky outcrop on the left, firs towered above the clouds; a little below, on a narrow path, three hikers were walking on a mule. In the middle of the picture you can look down and see a group of goats grazing under the mountain, opposite a mountain with a castle and a farmhouse. Behind them, in the twilight haze, the mountain views gradually opened up to the horizon. The framed and shocking images of the composition are reminiscent of Schenkel’s theater decorations.

We would like to thank the National Library ( Alte Nationalgalerie ) in Berlin for sharing today’s painting with us.

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48.0 x 74.0 cm


Alte Nationalgalerie

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