Ruixing responds to “price loophole”: misconfiguration of internal operating staff has nothing to do with

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It was reported on April 18 that this morning, many users reported that Ruixing Coffee had a bug in , and users had significant discounts for placing orders. Luckin Coconut Cloud + Thick Milk is only 4.5 yuan, and a double cup of raw coconut latte is only 4 yuan. The ultra-low price attracted a large number of users to place orders and purchase, and Ruixing officially closed its online store urgently.

Subsequently, Ruixing Coffee issued an apology letter stating that due to the price configuration problem in the backstage of, the price of Ruixing Coconut Cloud package was wrong in a short time, and the store was squeezed by a large number of abnormal orders.

He also stated that in order to operate normally, abnormal orders on the platform have been urgently cancelled, and the store is temporarily closed, and user compensation will be considered and further notice will be given.

Later, in response to the “Ruixing was smashed for wool”, Ruixing Coffee also stated that the matter had nothing to do with “After verification, this is caused by the misconfiguration of Luckin’s internal operating staff. I have caused trouble for and everyone, and are already dealing with follow-up issues.” (Yicheng)

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