Rum Row

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Frederick Judd Waugh was an American artist best known for his marine art. Waugh was the son of Samuel Waugh, a famous portraitist in Philadelphia. He studied with Thomas Eakins at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Adolphe-William Bouguereau at the Julian Academy in Paris. After leaving Paris, he moved to England, where he lived on the Isle of Sark in the English Channel, where he made a living painting seascapes.

Waugh’s ocean paintings were critically acclaimed, winning the Favorite Award at the Carnegie International Exhibition for five consecutive years, a feat no other artist could accomplish. Interestingly, he designed ship camouflage for the U.S. Navy under the direction of Everett L. Warner during World War I.

Today we present a unique piece from his career, a beautiful still life with flowers and bottles, The Rum Row . I like it!

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82.2 x 73.7 cm

private collection

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