sad april

sore throat

A week ago, my throat was swollen and sore because of the change in diet and weather. The first two days my symptoms were mild and I didn’t eat much spicy and greasy food, and my water intake was higher than before. The result was that it didn’t get better, but got worse…

After picking up western medicine for two days in the health center, it didn’t improve, and I still had a migraine headache.

I came to the pharmacy and swiped my social security card to buy a box of anti-viral oral liquid and anti-inflammatory drugs. In the past two days, my throat was so swollen that I had no appetite to eat. I took the medicine that night and added another oral liquid before going to bed. It was a lot lighter, and after two days, the sore throat problem was basically cured.

Lenovo memory

Yesterday at noon, the Lenovo 3C after-sales department called to inform me that the new memory module had arrived, so I took the time to bring the maintenance certificate and pick it up. In the current situation in Shanghai, I thought that we would have to wait until the year of the monkey and the month of the horse to get the goods, but I didn’t expect the goods to arrive in half a month. Does this also mean that Shanghai is slowly returning to normal life? This is a good thing!


There is no problem with the currently running ADATA memory, there is no need to toss, and the newly arrived Lenovo memory is likely to be thrown out. It should not be difficult to get out of the warranty period of about two years…

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