Salon Auto will launch a limited edition model of Mecha Dragon EVA

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Pinwan News on August 26th, at the Chengdu Auto Show, Salon Motors made a big debut with Mecha Dragon, Mecha Dragon Global Limited Edition, Mecha Dragon EVA Limited Edition and Mecha Dragon Reloaded Concept Edition . The strength of super smart driving, super smart cockpit and real scene intelligence has also officially announced 4 lidars, smart four-wheel drive system, Harman Kardon 16-speaker 5.1-channel audio system, and innovative dual sound wave simulation system. , 25-inch W-HUD, four-door frameless electric suction door and Nappa leather with high-grade imitation suede material, a total of eight configurations are standard for the whole system .

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One of the highlights of this auto show is that Salon Auto officially announced that it will cooperate with Neon Genesis Evangelion (hereinafter referred to as “ EVA “) to launch a limited edition model of the Mecha Dragon EVA . The new car selects the most representative colors of the first EVA machine, as well as the biological honeycomb detailed texture, with the highly recognizable profile and racing stripes of the mechadragon, creating a sense of speed and EVA power of the mechadragon. design scheme .

In addition, Salon Auto will also launch the “Salon Mecha ICU Program” with EVA fans and mecha enthusiasts , focusing on IP cooperation, trendy product linkage, and user self-research to start user co-creation, and continue to provide personalized and trendy boutique peripherals .

图源:沙龙 Source: Salon

At this auto show, Sharon Auto brought a new form of heavyweight Mechadragon product: Mechadragon Reloaded Concept Edition. This product has a strong sense of power and performance, and has a strong visual impact of the “Overlord Reloaded” mecha shape. It supports 800V supercharge technology , and its strength opens the trend of extreme travel. Salon Auto said that the significance of the reloaded concept version is not only about a product plan, but also to gather more refit friends, start the reloading co-creation plan, build the dream reloading mecha together, and jointly build the era of mecha category. .

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