Sauce and wine service provider “Xianziqian” received 10 million yuan in angel + round of financing

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36氪 was informed that the sauce and wine service provider “Xianziqian” received 10 million yuan of angel + financing. The investor is an equity investment fund established by members of Nanning Xiangziqian Golf Club. The club once ordered 10 million drinks on the Alley Qian platform within a year. Yuan. It is reported that the funds from this round of financing will be used for the upgrading of sauce wine product packaging and point marketing system.

The market targeted by “Alley Shallow” is the business banquet demand of 42 million small and medium-sized enterprises for high-end sauce and wine. Pan Fuqiang, founder of Alley, told 36氪 that no matter the economy is good or bad, banquets are an important form of revitalizing business, and sauce wine is the carrier, and most of the customers feel that drinking Feitian Moutai will save face. However, whether from the demand side or the supply side, Feitian Maotai’s price is high, and the reception cost of enterprises with unstable supply is too high. This gives a shallow cut to the alley.


Alley Shallow Customer Map

Alley Qian’s customized sauce wine products come from Maotai Town. Under the C2M mode, the whole process of customization, wine filling and delivery can be completed within 48 hours. The sauce wine product matrix selects sauce wine with a similar taste to Feitian Moutai, attracts small and medium-sized customers with the business model of customized wine, and adds ways to scan the code to open bottles, point marketing and other ways of playing. In the first half of this year, Xiangziqian’s sales revenue increased by 40% year-on-year.

Pan Fuqiang believes that a banquet is a strong social scene, and a bottle of soy sauce can naturally link to strangers. In the gameplay of sauce wine, Alley Qian used the patent of scanning the code of the bottle cap to set up a fun game for the bottle opener to scrape the red envelope. After scanning the code, the drinker participated in the interaction of the mini-game. customer data.

How to continuously increase the sales repurchase rate? Alley Qian began to use the form of points and wine to revitalize the private domain traffic pool to achieve dissemination and realization. Specifically, a custom user who purchases a product worth 30,000 yuan can get 20% points, and the 6,000 points can be exchanged for wine at the retail price in the mall; after the customized user recommends a friend to buy wine, the user will receive 20% points. You can get another 20%, 6000 points.

Second, users can apply for a sample wine in the “Alley Qian” applet. Specifically, compared with online Douyin marketing, in the banquet scene, the cost of acquiring customers by giving away sample wine is lower, and it is more accurate to reach users and facilitate transactions.

Offline investment promotion is also one of the sales models of Alley Shallow. In layman’s terms, slightly different from the reward system where users’ points are exchanged for wine, customers with a shallow alley can exchange their points for wine, or they can exchange 6,000 points to become a partner in the city of Alley, and partners can get 60% for buying wine. Points, 40% points for selling wine. Partner points can be exchanged for money at a maximum of 1:1 ratio

Pan Fuqiang explained that, just like the fission of Ruixing Coffee’s users, “In the point marketing system of Alley Shallow, 10% of the retail price is given to consumers. Friends have points, and I also have points. I can exchange points for wine in the mall. Maybe Users or partners may not need to spend money to order drinks after one drink.”

In November 2021, “Xianziqian” received nearly 10 million yuan in angel round financing from Meihua Venture Capital. It is reported that after the angel + round, Xiangziqian will start the Pre-A round of financing at the end of this year. Sauce wine will be a shallow start in the alley, and in the future, it may involve a variety of customized wines such as strong fragrance, fragrance, red wine, and foreign wine.


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