Say an idiom, you listen

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“Party A and Party B” is China’s first Lunar New Year film. It can be said that it has defined a film type: Lunar New Year film.

In the past two days, I suddenly wanted to watch this 1997 movie again, and turned it over.

I found a detail that I didn’t pay much attention to at the time: it turned out that the place where the local tyrant who wanted to endure hardship was sent by Ge You and the others to realize his dream was Ge You’s second uncle’s house.


Since it’s a New Year’s card, it’s always a bit of a New Year’s look, that is, to be happy.

This movie made up several funny jokes, but the last one is a bit sad: a couple who have been separated for many years, the wife is terminally ill, and the husband’s dream is to let his wife see that he has a house in Beijing.

Ge You took out his marriage room and asked her husband to lie to his wife that it was a house assigned to him by the unit. While worrying about whether to “borrow” or “give” (for fear of not returning it), the husband came with the key: the wife had passed away. However, no regrets.

In the movie, this business for people to realize their dreams for a day is not explicitly stated, but it is very likely that it has broken up. The last line is:

But this sentence is not lost throughout the film. It is the precipitation of a memory. If there is a sentence behind it: 1998 has come, and I am looking forward to it. The dog tail continued mink is a little bit of the dog tail continued mink, but the meaning is not bad.


Then I couldn’t help but pull out Feng’s other two New Year’s films: If You Are the One and If You Are the One 2

I can tell you all honestly that when I look at the picture of Hokkaido in If You Are the One, look at the Four Sisters izakaya, and look at the twists and turns of the truth, my heart is trembling.

In the film, Wu Sang said goodbye to Ge You and Shu Qi, and when he was driving home alone, he burst into tears, and I suddenly had the urge to cry. It’s just that, unlike him who cried in the early years, my buddies don’t know when to meet each other. I have my own reasons for crying.

But If You Are the One is still not sentimental in general, or that a little bit of sadness is just a gimmick and a gimmick.

Although Fan Wei, an angel investor who was fooled by Ge You, finally said that in the financial crisis of 2008, the five major investment banks turned yellow, and they could not sell anything. I didn’t hide, I was broke.

But what did Ge You say?

fine. I’ll buy you that invention first, but of course £1 million will turn into 1 million yen. After a while, I can sell it at a higher price and share it with you at that time.

Thinking about the financial crisis in 2008, who doesn’t think that it’s okay, after a while, they can still sell it?


If You Are the One 2, there are two sections of “Funerals are treated as happy events”. One is the divorce ceremony of Sun Honglei and Yao Chen, and the other is Sun Honglei’s own funeral – to be precise, a farewell party in life.

There is reason to believe that no one would be disgusted by this routine of doing funerals as happy events, and they should still find it quite creative.

Ge You continued the first part, and continued his character design of eating and waiting to die in If You Are the One 2. He really has no serious business. Sun Honglei, a friend who doesn’t change his life, has a very good personal relationship with him, so he made a cultural video show.

It’s all trivial things with no sense of grandeur. Small townspeople have a strong taste.

At that time, some people criticized Feng, who showed off his cleverness all day long, told short stories, regarded the chicken thief as humorous, and regarded his wit as profound.

But today, if you want to ask for this little cleverness, this little story, do you have this state of mind?


This week I saw two long-lost friends. One hasn’t seen each other since 2020, and the other hasn’t seen each other for about ten years.

They were all surprised to find out: Mr. Wei, where is the ring on your hand?

Well, it’s been a while.

Since last year, I’ve been out of the mood.


Last week, I went to a company to do some internal communication, and replayed the Baidu BIG Talk and Tencent’s WE conference that invited the world’s top experts to give speeches in China.

I said an idiom:

Like a lifetime

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