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I was chatting with a friend the other day, and he said that he lost a lot in the stock market, and he said a number of magnitude.

I have taunt mode turned on.

If your large sum of money is lost in the game, it is the big r in the big r. In any game, the official will try his best to kneel and lick it.

I also heard a story, but it was not dropped in the game, but paid and rewarded on a certain online platform. One day, this guy felt that his voice to his customer service was too equal, so he ran into the forum and scolded him and asked the platform to post an apology—guess what? The platform does the same. Your loss can cost more than this buddy.

But you have to play with stocks, so, who will kneel and lick you? You are not just a plate of leeks and nothing else.

So, play the game!


I recommend a game to everyone. I have played it for two months, and the experience is quite good.

The game is called “Ring War”, the style of painting is the style of the medieval dark knight, and the plot story is the kind of routine of the Lord of the Rings: knights, orcs, elves, magicians, sky cavalry (not to mention that these characters are a bit avatar-like) ) and so on.

The type is war chess.

If you are not interested in the medieval dark knight style war chess game, you really don’t need to read the text below.

The producer IndraSoft is not a big company. One of the previous games was called “Rachel”, which took the hardcore route. The art of “Ring War” is still somewhat. . . Hahahaha, the fisherman:

(The picture on the left is the archer of Rachel, and the picture on the right is the archer of the Ring War)


The reasons for the recommended ring war are as follows:

First, krypton is relatively free. Zero Krypton Micro Krypton can also be played. I haven’t been short of the important game currency “Dragon Scale” in the past two months, so I can still get the strongest mercenary in the game, and the weakest veteran mercenary. Soldiers are not waste, and they can be combined all the way to elite, master, and legendary levels. But if you want to be rich, there is also room for Hao. There is still a lot of room for improvement for non-voting attendees or legendary mercenaries: continuous sublimation and gathering of thoughts, but a huge sum of money. As for inscriptions and collections, it is even more of a pit.

Therefore, if you want to be a big R and let the official kneel and lick you, it is also possible.

Second, the liver is also very free. The most important liver resource in the game comes from physical strength. As the level increases, the daily physical strength limit varies (I am now 148). You can also buy physical strength up to two times, totaling 100. On busy days, you can replace all these physical strengths with the keys to a certain resource point you need. On days when you want to live, you can go to hell with the keys you have hoarded.

To put it bluntly, it is physical strength, the most important resource, that allows you to freely consume it in the days when you can live. This constitutes liver freedom.

There is no other reason why Krypton Liver can be free, because it is actually a stand-alone game.

Although it is a mobile game, I do not recommend you to play it with a mobile phone. The dense instructions and data under the small screen are easy to be confused. It is best to use a tablet, but you can also use a computer if you want. There is a client on the win system.

But aside from the two arenas, this game is pretty lonely. There is not even a public screen to shout, let alone any trade unions and battle groups. The arena is not a real-time battle, but the opponent has placed a few mercenaries there to fight you with an automatic algorithm. How to set up bad points in the arena, I believe that if you have been playing for many years, the tricks should be clear.


Is this game fun?

It’s worth moving your brains.

In each battle, you can only play four mercenaries (it is said that you can play six in the later stage, I haven’t played it yet). It is very particular about who is not in the game, because the mutual restraint of arms in the game is not an empty talk. When the archer is on the ground, it is gnawing on the orc. The position is also very particular, because each mercenary has a different number of moving spaces. Who shoots first, and what skills to use to shoot, is more particular.

The first day you get started, you can come across a place called the mercenary training ground and a place called the Galdo library. In these two places, you can fully understand that what skills to use in the first round can be a matter of winning or losing a battle.

It is easy to fall into the numerical game in the card drawing game, and the competition is the numerical value and the practice behind the numerical value. Of course, this game also talks about numerical values, but which mercenary to use, which position to use, and what skills to use are not entirely a matter of numerical values.

Therefore, it is very suitable for smoking and drinking coffee and thinking slowly. If you are desperately trying to survive, you may change the mercenary, cut all positions, change skills, and you will easily pass.


I recommended this game to a friend the other day.

He played for a few days and told me he uninstalled.

The reason for uninstallation is as follows:

—— The first nitrogen-pulling episode——

One last word: this game, you can’t make any money.

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