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Promise, always remember God’s entrustment, and take care of yourself with the greatest piety and the deepest love. Dedicate your intelligence, wisdom, tenacity, and love to yourself. Make yourself smart, healthy, beautiful and positive. Let yourself be the person you most admire and admire, and let yourself be your most loyal and trustworthy friend. Tell yourself that the merciful God has given you this beautiful life, which is the greatest trust in your character and talent. God believes that only you can never forget your original intention and live up to your mission. Only you can make this vivid life Like summer flowers blooming with unique brilliance, you can make your life warm and your future bright!

Yes, parents sometimes alienate you and misunderstand you due to eccentricity and limitations, your brothers and sisters sometimes deceive you and abandon you because of money cultivation, your children are indifferent to you because of cultivation and ability pressure, and even your lover wrongs you because of temptation or conscience Eaten by wolves and abused you and turned your back. In this world, only you are your most reliable friend and the strongest buddy. You and your own life body can only share weal and woe, and share happiness and misfortune. You are the same people on the same boat, two grasshoppers on the same thread. You are duty-bound, you have no choice but to charge and stop for your own life! Stand up straight, don’t get down!

1. Remember, health comes first.

Do your best to make yourself healthy and happy. Make your arms well-developed, your legs well-developed, your five sense organs well-developed, your five internal organs well-developed, your mind well-developed, your seven emotions well-developed, your six desires well-developed—in a word—to strive for the top without distractions.

Every morning, I run against the rising sun and bathe in the morning breeze. Like the protagonist Forrest Gump in “Forrest Gump”, let go of the long arms and run with long legs, and run to the new world where the sky is high and the sun is bright, and into the sunny new world . Leave the naughty teenagers behind, leave the envious crowd behind, leave behind the devouring virgin forest and the continuous gunfire full of gunpowder, leave behind the rural villages with the fragrance of rice flowers and the urban forest with neon lights Behind me, facing the sea, the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming… Yes, I run and I am strong! I run and I am happy! I run and I am brave! My path is infinitely broad, and my future is bright and bright. Forward, forward, our team to the sun. A philosopher had a wonderful dialogue with a boatman—— Philosopher: Do you understand philosophy? Boatman: I don’t understand. Philosopher: Then you will lose a third of your life. Philosopher: Do you know mathematics? Boatman: I don’t understand. Philosopher: Then you will lose half your life. (The boat arrives in the middle of the river, the boat capsizes and people fall into the water) Boatman: Can you swim? Philosopher: No.

Boatman: Then you will lose your whole life…

Look, some people say that health is not everything, career is the core, and pleasure is the purpose. What he said is wrong, health is the purpose, health is enjoyment, health is everything, everything. As the poet Guo Moruo said in “The Nirvana of the Phoenix” – everything is one, one is everything!

2. Remember, to learn, to learn for life.

To love science, to pursue truth, to embrace knowledge, to absorb wisdom, to obtain enlightenment, and to activate inspiration. The philosopher Bacon said that reading history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people smart, mathematics makes people rigorous, and science makes people good at thinking. As the saying goes, a person who does not study is like a wasteland that does not grow grain. So true.

The proletarian revolutionary teacher Marx said: Only by arming the mind with all the wealth of knowledge created by mankind can one become a communist. Communism is noble, and to become a staunch communist requires a long struggle and the baptism of wind and rain. But, I want to say, before we become a communist, please first become a person with skills, a laborer who can support himself, a person who can swing a fence and pick up a broom, a person who cleans up dirt, a A person who raises a whip and gallops a horse, a person who can deduce mathematics and science by picking up chalk, a person who walks to the operating table and can give life to people, a person who holds a steel gun to defend the territory, a person who does it himself and has enough food and clothing, A man who is good for himself and good for the people. What’s more, what’s more beautiful and valuable is that your hard work will be rewarded. You will gradually see a different world and different scenery, and you can live in the place of your heart and dwell poetically.

The so-called different scenery is not that you have walked a little-known road, but that you have walked a road that belongs to you alone; the so-called living elsewhere is not that you have traveled thousands of miles away, but You can hold the scenery hundreds of thousands of miles away even if you stand in the same place. You can not only pick chrysanthemums under the eastern fence and see Nanshan leisurely like the poet Tao Qian, but also like the writer Wang Meng: “The homeland is eight thousand miles away, and the situation has been turbulent for thirty years.” Here, survey the sky and look at a thousand rivers from afar.” In that way, you will become a noble person, a person who has escaped vulgarity. A person who dwells poetically on the earth, work hard and learn. “Study hard, it’s sad to be left behind. If you practice well today, you will win the battle in the next year, and you will never lose heart.” This is the verse of Marshal Chen Yi, a proletarian revolutionist of the older generation. Words are less but meaning is richer, affection is deep and meaning is far-reaching, remember it and think it is a blessing.

3. Please remember that the road of life is long and tortuous.

No matter how beautiful the flowers are, there are times when they wither, and no matter how bright the sun is, there are also times when it is dark. But, on the other hand, no matter how dilapidated the road is, sometimes you can see a good road and a good scenery when you turn a corner. The earth is round, and the road has no end. When Li Taibai traveled to the water poor place, wasn’t it time to sit and watch the clouds rise? Didn’t Magellan usher in the vast Pacific Ocean when he passed through the dark and humid Strait of Magellan? Isn’t the field after the storm full of fresh lilies? The sky tends to go farther and farther, and the road tends to get more and more bullish. If you miss the loftiness of the mountains, you can still see the vastness of the water, or the vastness of the original. If you miss the vastness of the forest, you can also see the vastness of the grass and fields—the sky is blue, the fields are vast, and the wind blows the grass and sees cattle and sheep… It’s not the same Is it poetic? Maybe there are thousands of sails behind the mountains, maybe when the mountains and rivers are full of doubts and no way out, the turning point is the place where the willows are dark and the flowers are bright! The most frightening thing is that the heart sneaks into the devil, ignorance covers the eyes, emotion replaces reason, and impulse drives out calmness.

Have you read the novel “The Great Forest”? Writer Kong Jiesheng wrote a story in the 1970s, a youth tragedy that happened at the foot of Wuzhi Mountain in Hainan Island. The most vigorous youth in life was the most turbulent period of the “Cultural Revolution” in the contemporary era. The most tragic thing was that the frenzy of youth in the frenzy of the times pushed the ignorant youth into the vast forest with no way forward. In difficult times, I lost my calm, rationality, restraint and order, lost the correct choice, and even threw the compass, my guide, in the paranoid emotional out of control. In the end, he lost his precious life—the ruthless nature and ignorant fanaticism devoured Xian Sihai’s precious life, passion and paranoia devoured Qiu Ting’s life, psychological immaturity devoured Dalu Zai’s life, and his lack of health Devouring Jane Heping’s life, Xie Qing, the only one who survived out of the great forest, is probably the god of youth and the benevolent God who favored mankind, and entrusted her to tell people the course of suffering and the lessons of blood? Oh, it must be!

4. Please remember that for us, having a mature and healthy mind is as important as having a mature and healthy body.

First of all, you must be your own spiritual teacher, thinking about the past and planning the future for yourself. The road is long and long, I will search up and down! How blessed is it to have a mentor who is wise and farsighted!

Then, you must be your dearest comrade-in-arms and companion, conspiring with you in the battle plan, sharing the joy of fighting, and most importantly, letting you see the achievements, see the light, and improve your courage in times of suffering. Let you always have a close friend standing by your side in desperate moments and say to you: What else can the wound do except slowly heal? In the primitive society, what else could human beings expect other than building their nests with stones? In the wilderness after the storm, isn’t the lily blooming in a new way!

Furthermore, you must be a good steward of yourself, and it is your daily duty to protect your spiritual home. Always enrich it, purify it, maintain it, make it full of vitality, let it be as fresh as a new spring, as clear as a clear sky, and not be invaded by the dirt and vulgarity of the world. Only raise clear waves, but not turbid waves; only fly the fragrance of lotus, but not produce filth. The body is like a bodhi tree, and the heart is like a mirror stand, which should be wiped diligently at all times, not allowed to be stained with dust.

Let truth, kindness, and beauty enter your heart to be a spiritual messenger, let tolerance, understanding and tenacity act as your heart’s blood pump, study hard, make progress every day; keep moving forward, and defeat the enemy. Only dream of the happiest things, only pursue the happiest endings. Always strong, not afraid; always noble, not humble; always perfect yourself, not knowing what is negative and decadent…

5. Please remember to embrace your dreams and not lose your dreams in life. A healthy spiritual home will not reject beautiful dreams.

A person should at least have a beautiful dream, a dream that calls you to persevere in seeking, discovering, inventing, creating, and going to new worlds. Because, if there is no place for dreams in the heart, life will have no support, and if you run, you will lose the distance, and you will be wandering wherever you go.

So, let dreams live in your heart. Dreams are stones, which can knock out sparks; dreams are fires, which can light extinguished lamps; You go to let the dawn. Let the lighthouse of dreams illuminate the world ahead of you!

Liushahe’s “Shell” poem is well written, read it, it will give you inspiration – “You who have been in the sea, left an empty shell. The sea clouds give you strange textures, and the sea moon gives you pearly luster. Put it in my ear, I can hear the rough waves, put it in my pillow, I dream of the blue sea of ​​freedom…”Dream, what a fascinating world!

why, why do i want you to do this, because i love you deeply Singing: I don’t want flowers , I don’t want salutes , I don’t want promises , I don’t want red envelopes , I just want to hug myself affectionately and say to myself, I’m devoted to you, I’m proud of you , I’d like to accompany you to the end of the world , to the end of the world

Zuo An Ji: You must first learn to love yourself well, and then stand on an equal footing to love others. If you love yourself well, you will understand authenticity, respect, self-confidence, and self-love. Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance and the greatest compassion in your life.

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