“Seeking Truth” Magazine “Forward a New Journey, Contribute to a New Era” Large-scale Interview and Research Report (11)

Forge ahead in a new journey and make contributions to a new era (11)

Great change in Dawan Village

“Seeking Truth” magazine reporter Yue Jinsong Anhui Daily reporter Zhang Dapeng

Dawan Village was once one of the poorest mountain villages in Jinzhai County, Anhui Province. On April 24, 2016, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Dawan Village to inspect the poverty alleviation situation with his infinite concern for the people in the old area, and asked the party committees and governments at all levels to have the love for the people and follow the precise poverty alleviation requirements put forward by the Party Central Committee. , to fight the tough battle against poverty, so that the people in the old areas can live a happy and beautiful life. For more than 6 years, the cadres and masses of Dawan Village have kept their entrustment in mind, worked hard, and handed over a successful answer sheet on the road of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

If the measures are good, life will be improved. Walking into Dawan Village, a small white building is neatly arranged. This is the resettlement site built during the poverty alleviation campaign. It is opposite to the old house in the village across the stream, describing the development and changes of the village.

“Poor families enjoy preferential policies and can live in a new house of 80 square meters at almost no cost.” Speaking of poverty alleviation work, He Jiazhi, secretary of the village party branch, said: “Under the leadership of the party organization and the support of all parties, the great Wan Village has stepped up efforts to tackle fortifications, and the lives of the villagers have been continuously improved. In order to facilitate the travel of the villagers, 5 bridges were built along the river, and all roads in the village were paved with cement roads. The most pleasing thing for the villagers is that all the residents’ groups have access to water and electricity, and their livelihood Conditions have been greatly improved. A medical assistance mechanism has been established, and poor households no longer have to worry about seeing a doctor. A photovoltaic power station has also been built in the village, and the income from power generation can ensure a long-term stable income of about 3,000 yuan per year for each poor household…”

Villager Chen Zeping can best appreciate the changes in life in recent years. He clearly remembered that General Secretary Xi Jinping asked him with concern if he would like to move down the mountain. He replied: “The party’s policy is good, I welcome it.” Now, Chen Zeping has already moved into a bright new building. He vacated a room to join the “homestay tourism” in the village. He arranged the position of a forest ranger with a monthly salary of 500 yuan, plus a yearly dividend of 3,000 yuan from the photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation project, 1,500 yuan in tea garden transfer fees and other income from labor, and he really got out of poverty. He showed his “Poverty Alleviation Certificate” and said emotionally: “‘Let the people in the old district live a happy and beautiful life’. I never dreamed that it would come true so quickly.”

Policy support, clear direction, and precise measures have accelerated the poverty alleviation efforts in Dawan Village. In February 2021, Dawan Village won the title of “National Poverty Alleviation Model”, achieving high-quality poverty alleviation.

With enough energy, you can get rid of poverty and become rich with your hands. “Whether the countryside is rich or not depends on the branch, and whether the cadres are strong or not depends on the leader.” Since the Dawan Village Poverty Alleviation Team was stationed in the village, it has focused on building grass-roots organizations, focusing on the construction of the “two committees”, and creating a “leader in poverty alleviation”, driving the villagers to be determined to get rid of poverty and work hard to get rid of poverty.

“One household in Dawan Village will not be lifted out of poverty, and I will resolutely not withdraw from my post.” The words of Yu Jing, the first secretary of the village, truly expressed the determination and confidence of party members and cadres in Dawan Village. The village has established a mechanism for linking party members, activists, and capable households to help poor households, mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of the villagers, and achieving remarkable results. A village cadre in Dawan Village said that the most gratifying change in the village in the past few years is that the “spirit” of the people has been stimulated. Before, the villagers were not confident, but now they are full of energy, and more and more people are fighting for each other. Be the leader of poverty alleviation. The party organization has become a strong force for poverty alleviation in Dawan Village. In June 2021, the village party branch won the title of “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”.

The picture shows the new look of Dawan Village, Jinzhai County, Anhui Province. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of Jinzhai County Party Committee, Anhui Province

The “forum” between General Secretary Xi Jinping and the villagers of Dawan Village was held in the courtyard of Chen Zeshen’s house. He said: “We have promised the general secretary that we are not afraid of getting old, but we are afraid of short-mindedness. We must do it well.” In recent years, Chen Zeshen first raised sheep and sold agricultural products, and later worked in a tea factory. As a worker, cleaning, and diligent, he also grows Chinese herbal medicines on the mountain, earning more than 40,000 yuan a year, and living a happy life.

In Dawan Village in the past, “no one listened to the branch’s speech, and no one followed party members to start a business”, but now it has become a new trend to be more industrious and to become rich. The villagers understand that with the party’s good policies, they have to work hard with their own hands in order to live a good life.

Steady development and a solid industrial foundation. Industry is an important support for poverty alleviation, and it is also the fundamental support for revitalization and development. The cadres and masses of Dawan Village insisted on adapting measures to local conditions, laying a solid industrial foundation, and steadily taking the pace of rural revitalization.

Dawan Village is red in spring, green in summer, yellow in autumn and white in winter, with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery. The distinctive farming culture of Dabie Mountains and the red resources of the old revolutionary base area have made tourism flourishing. A tourist reception center has been built in the village, and more than 40 farmhouses and boutique B&Bs have been developed. A 10-kilometer-long rafting project has also been built. In 2020, the number of tourists will reach 350,000, and the more the villagers eat, the more delicious they are. Tea is the beautiful business card of Dawan Village. The village actively develops the ecological tea industry and forms a relatively large industrial scale. The “company + farmer + base” model is adopted to drive the villagers to grow tea and increase their income. Well-known tea such as “Lu’an Guapian” is well-known in China. The industrial chain of rural households working and corporate marketing is stable. Taking advantage of forest resources, Dawan Village has developed characteristic planting and breeding industries, and products such as Gastrodia elata, Ganoderma lucidum, cattle, and goats have become important channels for farmers to increase their income.

Today’s Dawan Village is full of lush green tea gardens, and tourists come in an endless stream throughout the four seasons. The villagers are rich and the village is beautiful. In 2021, the village-level collective economic income will reach more than 1.57 million yuan, and the per capita annual income of villagers will be 15,776 yuan. The revitalization and development of “growing tea on the mountain, welcoming guests at home, and combining red and green” is getting more and more exciting.

Reporter’s Notes:

The dramatic changes in the mountains and villages of Dawan Village are a microcosm of poverty alleviation and revitalization and development in the old revolutionary base. The villagers kept in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s entrustment, adapted measures to local conditions, implemented precise policies, were self-reliant, and worked hard to paint a picture of the new era of rural revitalization on this red hot land.

The fragrance of rice flowers in Yongfeng Village

“Seeking Truth” magazine reporter Hou Yajing Meishan Daily reporter Chen Wenjun

Bashan Shushui, Zhongling Yuxiu. On June 8, 2022, just after the mango season, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Sichuan for inspection. The first stop was Yongfeng Village, Taihe Town, Dongpo District, Meishan City, on the bank of the Minjiang River. He walked into the rice fields to see the growth of the seedlings and walked into the countryside. The words continue to revitalize. The general secretary told the villagers that when the Communist Party of China is in power, it is to advance the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics step by step, to do everything well for the people, and to let the people live a better life. The general secretary’s eloquent words inspired the cadres and masses of Yongfeng Village to follow the party unswervingly and run towards a happier future.

“Store grain in the ground, and store grain in technology”. In mid-July, in the high-standard farmland of Yongfeng Village, the gratifying rice was heading and blooming. The summer wind was blowing and the rice waves were rolling, indicating the hope of a bumper harvest.

“Yongfeng Village has a total area of ​​6,320 mu of arable land, of which 5,760 mu is currently used for rice cultivation. The rate of arable land for grain cultivation has reached 91%. Among them, the high-standard farmland area is 3,100 mu and the contiguous-scale planting area is 1,500 mu.” Li Xueping, Secretary of the Village Party Committee According to the introduction, Yongfeng Village began to build high-standard farmland as early as 2009. In 2015, it took the lead in realizing the whole-process mechanized production of “ploughing, planting, sowing, and harvesting” in the province. It is one of the high-standard farmland demonstration models with the highest degree of standardization in the province. .

In recent years, relying on the advantages of rice industry and technology, Yongfeng Village has built the largest pilot base for new rice varieties and new technologies in Sichuan Province. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during his inspection in Yongfeng Village that the breeding cycle of good rice varieties is long, which requires repeated trials and screening. The vast number of agricultural science and technology workers in our country have made arduous efforts and made important contributions to ensuring national food security and ensuring that people have enough food and clothing. . The general secretary’s high affirmation of agricultural science and technology workers greatly inspired Ma Jun, a professor at the Rice Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University who has been stationed in Yongfeng Village for a long time. Ma Jun said that he will turn the general secretary’s concern into a driving force, lead more agricultural science and technology workers to overcome difficulties, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in rice breeding research and planting and cultivation technology promotion.

The promotion of agricultural modernization depends not only on agricultural experts, but also on farmers. In recent years, Yongfeng Village has concentrated arable land through land transfer, mobilized large grain farmers, and mobilized their enthusiasm for promoting new rice varieties and new technologies. In 2021, the average rice output per mu of the village will reach 680 kilograms, and the per capita disposable income of the villagers will reach 28,000 yuan.

“General Secretary Xi Jinping said during his inspection that Yongfeng Village is a good name, which means a good harvest forever.” Li Xueping said that Yongfeng Village will pay close attention to grain production, implement “grain storage in the ground and technology”, and continuously improve the arable land The quality and level of grain cultivation will contribute to building a higher-level “Tianfu Granary” and securing Chinese rice bowls.

“Towards Beauty”. Walking into the village, a vibrant lotus pond is the highlight of the changes in the living environment of Yongfeng Village in recent years, which contains the ingenuity and ingenuity of beautiful rural construction.

“Beside this lotus pond, there is a sewage treatment tank built by the method of ‘anaerobic + artificial wetland’. It mainly collects the domestic sewage of more than 70 people from 25 surrounding households. After purification, it flows into the lotus pond, which not only beautifies the living environment of the villagers, but also passes the The planting of lotus root has increased the collective income.” Liu Chao, the first secretary of the village, introduced that there are 5 similar sewage treatment tanks in the village.

Villager Li Guoqing’s house is only separated from the lotus pond by a village road. When talking about the environmental changes in the village over the years, he was a little excited: “The dry toilets at home have been renovated, and the discharge of domestic sewage has been settled, and our living environment is really getting better and better. It is understood that in 2019, Yongfeng Village was identified as one of the pilot villages for rural revitalization in Dongpo District to comprehensively promote rural sewage treatment. According to the concentration of the area where the villagers live and the number of households, three sewage collection and treatment methods have been successively adopted in the village, which has effectively improved the living environment of the surrounding villagers. At present, the sewage treatment rate of the whole village has reached 90%.

The picture shows the high-standard rice planting base in Yongfeng Village. Hou Jianming / photo

Ecological livability is the inherent requirement of rural revitalization. In recent years, Yongfeng Village has vigorously promoted the improvement of the living environment, continued to improve the appearance of the village, treated domestic sewage, renovated toilets, and installed garbage cans… Each and every move is a vivid footnote of Yongfeng Village’s “walking towards beauty”.

“Minor illness does not leave the village”. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during his inspection in Yongfeng Village that after the villagers have no worries about food and clothing, they are most concerned about medical issues. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the rural health system and ensure the basic medical care for the vast number of farmers.

After graduating from the health school in 1998 and returning to work in Yongfeng Village, village doctor Zhou Lianglun has witnessed the gratifying changes in the village’s medical environment: “When I first started working, there were only the ‘old three’ items such as a stethoscope, a thermometer, and a blood pressure monitor in the medicine cabinet. In 2019, a brand new health station was built in the village, equipped with many common disease diagnosis and treatment equipment, making it much easier for villagers to see a doctor.”

In addition to the upgrading of basic medical equipment, the continuous enrichment of drugs for common diseases in rural areas and the substantial reduction in the cost of centralized drug procurement have also allowed villagers to enjoy tangible benefits. Villager Liu Cuilan is a hypertensive patient and needs to take antihypertensive drugs for a long time. “Now the health station is very close to my house, and the necessary drugs are basically there. The price of the antihypertensive drugs I use has dropped a lot in recent years. You can save more than 500 yuan in medicine expenses, and you can also enjoy medical insurance reimbursement, which greatly reduces the burden of seeing a doctor.”

Health is the most important indicator of a happy life. At present, Yongfeng Village Health Station has established a remote collaboration mechanism with large hospitals in Meishan. City and county-level medical institutions will send experts at least once a month to “see a consultation” and “visit the village station”, which greatly improves village-level medical services. The villagers have basically achieved the ability to stay out of the village with minor illnesses, and have guaranteed medical treatment.

Reporter’s Notes:

To rejuvenate the nation, the countryside must be rejuvenated. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that in implementing the rural revitalization strategy, ensuring the supply of important agricultural products, especially food, must be the top priority. In recent years, Yongfeng Village has vigorously developed grain production, continuously strengthened the industry, improved the environment, and improved people’s livelihood, solidly promoted rural revitalization, and accelerated the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. The villagers’ sense of gain, happiness, and security have been significantly improved. On the new journey, the cadres and masses of Yongfeng Village are drawing a new picture on the road of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and their days are getting more and more exciting.

Zunyi, the most beautiful and thickest is red

He Wenwen, reporter of “Seeking Truth” magazine , Cao Wen, reporter of Guizhou Daily Newspaper Office

At No. 96, Ziyin Road, Zunyi Old Town, a small building with blue bricks and grey tiles, there are endless tourists from all over the world. From the eloquent words of the commentator, a high-frequency word can be heard: turning point.

In January 1935, “a life-and-death turning point in the party’s history” – the Zunyi Conference was held here.

In June 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Guizhou for investigation and research, and the first stop came to Zunyi. He pointed out that “we must make good use of the historical experience of the Zunyi Conference and let the spirit of the Zunyi Conference shine forever”. In February 2021, the general secretary came to Guizhou again, further emphasizing “to deeply understand the original intention and mission of the Communists from the spirit of the Long March and the spirit of the Zunyi Conference” and to “walk the long march in the new era”.

Today’s Zunyi, bear in mind the entrustment, be grateful and forge ahead, deeply cultivate red resources, build a spiritual highland, and strive to make the “red gene” into a sustainable “development gene”.

The Great Turning Lights the Light of Truth. On the occasion of the 101st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Zunyi in July was particularly lively. People are attracted by the light of truth illuminated by the great turning point, and explore the code of the Chinese Communist Party’s continuous progress from victory to victory.

“The Zunyi Conference, as an important conference of great turning significance in the history of our party, combines the basic principles of Marxism with China’s concrete reality, adheres to the road of independence and self-reliance, steadfastly corrects the political line and policy strategy, and builds a strong and mature central leadership. Collective and other aspects, leaving valuable experience and important inspiration.” General Secretary Xi Jinping’s remarks summed up history profoundly.

Recalling the scene of explaining to the general secretary at the Zunyi Conference Exhibition Hall, the commentator Zhang Zhongyu was still very excited: “The general secretary urged ‘to tell everyone well, and tell everyone how our party came to be’.”

“The Zunyi Conference actually established Comrade Mao Zedong’s leadership in the Party Central Committee and the Red Army…” Every holiday, Liu Xingchen, a fifth-grade student at Laocheng Primary School, would always walk into the red cultural venue to preach the story of the Zunyi Conference. There are currently more than 1,500 “little red preachers” like Liu Xingchen in Zunyi City.

By vigorously cultivating “red experts” and red commentators, setting up “Red Volunteer Propaganda Group”, and holding “Zunyi Conference on the Move” national tour exhibition and other activities, Zunyi City has continued to tell Zunyi stories well and spread the red “seeds” to more place.

Today, Zunyi has become one of the most popular destinations for red tourism in the country. Since 2015, Zunyi City has received nearly 240 million red tourist tourists, and the red relics have been transformed into vivid classrooms for the study and education of party history.

The red fertile soil blooms the flower of civilization. Zunyi is not only a red holy land, but also has a new business card in 2017 – a national civilized city. Zunyi people love red the most, and the bright red spirit of volunteer service has become a beautiful scenery in Zunyi City.

At 9:00 in the morning, Zhuo Xianshun led more than 40 volunteers to the Zunyi Conference site. “There is a lot of passenger traffic in normal times, not to mention holidays, and the staff on site alone can’t be busy at all.” Zhuo Xianshun said, “We can help the elderly, maintain order, guide and guide the way, etc.”

Not far from the Zunyi Conference site, the Memorial Hall Community of Old Town Street in Honghuagang District has built a number of “Red Righteous Stations”. The “Red Righteous Station” is standardized according to the “ten ones” – a glass of water, an umbrella, a first aid kit… Each “one” is the usual needs of tourists.

The picture shows Huamao Village today. Photo courtesy of Guizhou Daily Newspaper Office Jiang Hongfei / Photo

Today’s Zunyi, such volunteer services abound. The city’s more than 2,000 new era civilization practice stations (institutions) continue to strengthen civilization education, continue to launch the brand of “Famous City Pioneer Party Member Volunteers”, and more than 1.2 million volunteers are active in the streets and alleys of Zunyi. Zunyi “Red” is forged brighter and hotter because of volunteer service.

“In deepening the construction of a national civilized city, we strive to base ourselves on red cultural resources, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Long March and the Zunyi Conference, and insist on using red culture to inspire people and inspire people with revolutionary spirit, so that civilized practice in the new era can infiltrate people’s lives and bring new winds of civilization to life. Everywhere.” said Yang Deyuan, deputy director of the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department and director of the Municipal Spiritual Civilization Office.

Red power composes a new chapter of development. “Whether the policies of the Party Central Committee are good or not depends on whether the villagers are laughing or crying.” In 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Huamao Village, Fengxiang Town, and came to the home of Wang Zhiqiang, a villager who runs a farmhouse, and sat around with the villagers Talk cordially and point out, “Good days are made.”

“The general secretary’s words really speak to the hearts of our farmers,” Wang Zhiqiang smiled brightly. “Catch up with good policies, now my family receives an average of more than 10 tables a day, and the maximum turnover is almost 20,000 yuan.”

The show of pocket drums and smiles reflects the full sense of happiness of the villagers, and vividly confirms the party’s original intention to seek happiness for the people. The beauty of the countryside with lush flowers and leaves depends on the “red gene” becoming a “development gene”, and on the joint efforts of the cadres and the masses to answer the question.

“Huamao Village focuses on party building and industry promotion, and uses the hard work index of cadres to exchange the happiness index and satisfaction of the masses.” said Peng Longfen, Secretary of the Party Branch of Huamao Village. With the joint efforts of cadres and the masses, Huamao Village has completely changed the fate of poverty by developing a rural tourism industry dominated by red tourism, rural tourism and smart tourism. In 2021, the per capita annual income of Huamao Village will exceed 22,000 yuan.

Zunyi City will be lifted out of poverty as a whole in 2020, and its GDP will exceed the 400 billion yuan mark in 2021. Now it is embarking on a new journey of new industrialization, new urbanization, agricultural modernization, and tourism industrialization.

Reporter’s Notes:

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the red blood is the concentrated expression of the political character of the Communist Party of China and the source of spiritual strength for the Chinese Communists in the new era. Zunyi City strives to inherit the red gene, tell the story of Zunyi well, and continuously draws the driving force from the spirit of the Long March and the Zunyi Conference to write a new chapter in the new era of Zunyi.

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