Anita Clara Rée was a German avant-garde painter during the Weimar Republic. She was one of the most fascinating and mysterious artists of the 1920s, but at the same time she was somewhat unknown in the history of fine art. She is an independent woman who lives in the art world between tradition and modernism, a local artist with international aspirations, a native Hamburg Protestant of South American and Jewish ancestry (her mother is Venezuelan ). Her work reflects some of the radical changes in modern society in the early 20th century. In her hauntingly intense paintings, Ray depicts people of different origins and the self as alien beings.

Ray took her own life in 1933, when the anti-Semitic government declared her work ceased. Her work continued to be maligned by the Nazis after her death. In 1937 her work considered “despicable” was removed from the collection of the Hamburger Kunsthalle. But by that time, the works were already in a safe hiding place — Wilhelm Werner, the administrator of the Hamburg pavilion, brought them secretly to his apartment that summer. After 1945, he quietly restored the seven works.

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66 x 60.8 cm

Hamburger Kunsthalle

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