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At the end of 2012, we went back to China to hold an engagement banquet and get a license . Three years later, in the fall of 2015, we returned to China for our wedding. I wrote a blog post about the wedding, and later I put it on the desktop because I needed to modify it. As a result, it was delayed and dragged until the hard disk was broken. Anyway, just write it!

Having said that, after I decided to go back to China for the wedding, I planned to take my own wedding photos. After all, my personality is to love photography. But in fact, thinking about it carefully, taking a selfie wedding photo is also a reasonable thing. First, I don’t know much about photo studios in Japan, and I don’t know much about personal photographers. It’s better to rely on myself to find others. Second, it’s not cost-effective to find someone to shoot in Japan, where labor costs are very high, although I am an amateur. , but I still order it personally! In short, I didn’t have any hesitation, and it’s less stressful for the introverted beanie, so we rolled up our sleeves and immersed ourselves in preparation.

bouquet and veil

Ingeniously, I made my favorite small fresh-style hand-held flowers and flower crowns with fake flowers bought at the hundred-yen store. I also bought a bow tie and a piece of gauze from the Internet. Yes, a large piece of gauze is very cheap. Any finished veil is much cheaper. Because I didn’t like it, I just bought a raw material and took a clip at random. It’s not too fairy 1 . Everything was ready, I took out the milky white dress my mother-in-law bought me when I got engaged, and pulled out Brother Dou’s Muji white shirt, fixed the camera with a tripod, and set the remote control. So in the room on a cool evening on a hot summer day on August 29, 2015, photography officially began.

Bean brother works

Because I was shooting slowly at home, Brother Dou also adapted quickly, and was even happier than me later. He had an idea and took out an electric fan to blow at me for a while, and helped me take a lot of beautiful photos, and he himself had a sense of accomplishment. The only pity is that the lighting conditions are not good enough, we only have one light above our head, although it is bright enough, it is also very unnatural. At the same time, it was also because of this attempt that I truly understood the importance of light to photography, and I continued to improve in the subsequent selfie series to produce works that made me more satisfied.


At the beginning of the plan, I planned to grasp the interior and exterior scenes of the shed with both hands. So after the successful shooting in the studio, on September 5th, I pulled Brother Dou and my camera again, and ran to an open space near my home to start the second shot of self-portrait wedding photos—the exterior scene. This time it didn’t go well. Brother Dou was very awkward, and he didn’t take a good-looking group photo in the end. So I didn’t ask for it, I let him shoot for me. I’m very open, let alone no one on the road. After a few attempts, I found that I can take very smart photos by throwing the veil backwards like raising a national flag, then running forward quickly and managing my expressions. I asked Brother Dou to shoot continuously, and I picked one out of a hundred in the later stage, and I finally got a little bit of gain.

Holding the hand of the child, grow old with the child
Holding the hand of the child, grow old with the child

Once the shoot was over, I went into intense post-production. The group of photos was later made into a photo video to loop at the wedding, and it was also printed to adorn the walls of the reception entrance. Because it is really amateur and “home”, most people can see at a glance that it is my work. But after I got my affirmative reply, because I lowered the judging standard, they all praised it a lot, so my photographer’s design became stronger. The only calm person was my wedding photographer. When we visited his studio, I showed him my “masterpiece” by the way. Now that I think about it, he was very careful in his praise, and he was desperately trying to “don’t offend the client.” “The sad feeling of trying to find a balance between “professional conscience” and “professional conscience”.

before after
The aesthetics have indeed improved, but the technology is not necessarily, mainly due to the VSCO presets

The photos you see now are the result of my further processing on the finished product at that time. Back then, when I was too young too naive, I kept the original image and PSD, thinking that one day I could retouch the image after the aesthetics and technology were further improved. But you must have guessed it in the end. In fact, I also guessed it myself. Not only did it not re-build, but it was delayed for seven years. So this time I just “fine-tuned” and happily delete the source files. At this point, I can finally announce loudly that the “selfie wedding photo project” has come to a successful conclusion.

There are a total of 18 photos in this group, 10 indoors and 2 outdoor. In the past, I selected a few and put them on the blog, and then posted a link to the original album. This time, because the content of the photos is relatively private, I won’t share the link to the album~ Simply wrap it up, I’m going to write about the wedding! Finally hah!

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