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If it weren’t for the incident of the national climax last night, I probably would never have understood the true meaning of “movements” in a martial arts novel in such a detailed and profound way in my life.

Although “seven points for hurting others and three points for hurting oneself” is a recognized side effect of Qishuangquan, according to modern terms, this is just an experimental conclusion based on an average number. Three of them practiced Qishangquan, and two of them exerted their maximum energy and played a ten-point effect. The remaining one did not use up all the artillery and theories, and as a result, they devoured themselves by nine points – but “the average “It’s still pretty good-looking, two full marks and one point, so the sum is not the average of seven points.

This matter is the same as the existence of “Second Uncle”, it’s just an “existence” in a specific period. As for how its plot will develop, everyone knows it well, but some people still deceive themselves into it. That’s why they are so looking forward to the plot they want to see. Those who clamored, followed with climax, and then disappointed and lost sleep, or woke up the next morning and sent another small essay to explain their support and expectations at the time, but the final destination was the same—— We didn’t lose, we just won.

In the past two years, the political world has become more and more like a “draft show” . You know that they are performing, the C position is arranged in advance, and the songs they sing have been recorded long ago, but they still have to stage those “true feelings”. Reality” bridge. What they rehearsed were all scripted plots, forcing everyone to be moved and sublimated, and then inciting those who had been moved to become grandchildren to attack those who were “defined as having a bad mind if they were not moved.”

Since it is a “draft show”, then last night’s “final plot” will definitely happen – those who put their feelings into the talent show are often the most hurt, and they find that the feelings they put in are followed by them. The arranged draft ending was in vain – how could anyone put real emotion into the “draft show”!

When I was a student, the “grades” of each class would be announced at the morning meeting every Monday. So far, I don’t know how this “grade” was calculated, or who calculated the score. And this “grade” is related to whether a class can get a “flowing red flag” that can be hung at the front of the classroom for a whole week. In fact, this red flag has no meaning, it is just hung next to the blackboard, but it is true that some people will have a sense of pride that can promote their active learning because of seeing this red flag during class – at least I have never experienced this “feature”.

Later I researched, who is actually calculating these points. Every day, students with armbands on their arms enter the classrooms where they are being cleaned. After looking around, they will write something in their notebooks – it turns out that they are the committee members who score the mobile red flags in each classroom. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it, but only later realized the real reason I had been removed from this committee – I was taking each class too seriously.

In fact, the grading standard is what they told me to check the overall condition of the classroom, whether the windows are clean, whether the blackboard has been wiped with a damp cloth without leaving white water marks, whether the tables, chairs, and benches are all aligned, etc. I am indeed scoring seriously according to this standard, and it is because of this seriousness that the “average score” of this group of people has been changed by me.

Later I found out that in fact, some kind of tacit understanding has been formed between these group of committee members. This week’s red flag is given to one of the committee members’ class A, then next week, it should be given to the other committee member’s class B. In order to ensure that the committee Internal stability, they decided to make the mobile red flag a “public asset” and not the “power” of a certain committee member. I was excluded from the committee precisely because I paid too much attention to the actual situation of each class when I used the standards provided by them, so that the mobile red flag became a kind of “democracy”-like existence – and later, the committee The system of having different classes send out supervisors each week has also been eliminated, and everything is left to committees to decide the allocation of mobile red flags.

Although, the mobile red flag seems to have lost its original meaning – and of course, it didn’t have any fucking meaning in the first place. But the good thing is that the committee has formed a stable situation. There will no longer be conflicts between them over who the mobile red flag should be given to – on the contrary, there will be some kind of subtle competition between those who get the mobile red flag and the classes who insist that they should get the mobile red flag. It looks like an audience who has invested in true feelings in a talent show. Over time, the meaning of the mobile red flag is completely lost, because more and more students realize that the mobile red flag does not represent the cleaning and attendance they did last week, but “who should it belong to”. .

However, there are still such a group of people who still maintain their original aspirations. When they saw the flowing red flag, they fell in love with tears and used the loudest slogan to announce that they would definitely succeed in the future – so it is equivalent to themselves. has been successful.

Eh? Didn’t you fucking say Seven Severe Fist, why did you come here?

Two full points, one point one point, add up to the average of seven points, so all three of them have a bright future.

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