Shanghai: Encourage the development of electric vehicle charging and swapping facilities and provide financial subsidies


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The Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other 10 departments issued the Measures for Supporting the Development of Electric Vehicle Charging and Swapping Facilities in Shanghai. Support the construction of taxi charging demonstration stations. For the demonstration stations built and certified in 2022, a financial subsidy of 30% of the amount of charging equipment will be given. Support the construction of shared charging demonstration communities, encourage existing charging piles in the community to carry out intelligent transformation by adding energy routers, replacing facilities, etc., and giving charging equipment a financial subsidy of 300 yuan per pile. A one-time subsidy will be given to property service companies that support the shared transformation and utilization of self- (special) intelligent charging piles in the community, and the subsidy standard will be implemented at 500 yuan per pile. (Shanghai Stock Exchange)
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