Yonganxing launches the first hydrogen energy bicycle in China, priced at 12,800 yuan

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Text|Zhang Jingyi

Editor|Su Jianxun

On September 28, Yonganxing hydrogen energy bicycle was announced. The car is currently the first mass-produced hydrogen energy bicycle for the consumer end (to C end) in China. The model is aimed at the civilian consumer market, and adopts low-pressure hydrogen storage and hydrogen exchange technology to help zero-carbon environmental protection. It is understood that this hydrogen energy bicycle includes 500 bottles of hydrogen supply service for 5 years, and the official price is 12,800 yuan.

According to the engineer of Yonganxing hydrogen energy bicycle, the first toC hydrogen energy bicycle Alpha series of Yonganxing has GPS positioning, Internet of Things communication, information collection, processing and other Internet of Vehicles technologies, which can realize functions such as intelligent perception, interaction, and big data services.

The special feature of this hydrogen bicycle is that the hydrogen generator directly supplies power to the motor, and the speed change function is controlled by the rider’s pedal. The power comes from the hydrogen generated by the electrochemical reaction of the vehicle’s built-in hydrogen generator power. This is different from the lithium battery power supply of electric bicycles, so hydrogen energy bicycles do not need to be charged, and the solid-state hydrogen storage technology is used, which is both safe and environmentally friendly. The weight of the whole vehicle is about 27kg, the maximum driving speed is 22km/h, and the 0.7L hydrogen storage device can continuously ride for 2.5 hours with a cruising range of 55 kilometers, which can effectively meet the needs of urban citizens for zero-carbon, environmentally friendly, convenient and fast commuting.


Yonganxing Hydrogen Bicycle Alpha Series

It is reported that each hydrogen energy bicycle is equipped with a hydrogen storage device. In order to ensure the convenience of consumers to use hydrogen, the Yonganxing hydrogen energy digital operation platform conducts data tracking and digital management of the hydrogen storage device in each vehicle. When hydrogen energy is about to be insufficiently used , the information is submitted to the background operation center, and the hydrogen energy operation and maintenance personnel will provide hydrogen exchange services in a timely manner according to the information. At the same time, the fuel cell of the car’s engine can be recycled after the end of the product life, and the material recycling rate can reach more than 80%.

“The hydrogen exchange time for a vehicle is 10 seconds. After more than a year of mature operation in the shared hydrogen energy bicycle market, we believe that the hydrogen exchange service is safe, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, and has solved the construction problem of hydrogen refueling stations.” The person in charge of the hydrogen energy bicycle project said, “The new hydrogen energy bicycle implements the ecological car purchase plan. Consumers can enjoy 26,000 kilometers of free hydrogen energy services within 5 years, as well as 500 bottles of free hydrogen replacement and free maintenance services. When the model is updated iteratively, �� for consumer trade-in and vehicle recycling services.”

According to Sun Jisheng, chairman of Yonganxing, Yonganxing hydrogen energy bicycle is the first hydrogen-powered bicycle for personal consumption in China. It aims to solve the travel needs of urban zero-carbon environmental protection and rapid commuting, and is the key to achieve the “dual carbon” goal and national energy strategy. One of the development paths of transformation is also a new development direction of bicycle travel.

Five years ago, Yonganxing began to deploy hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, fuel cells, etc. The low-power fuel cell production line was put into operation in October last year, with a designed annual output of 50,000 units/set. It is expected to reach full production by October. It is also deploying 200,000 units/set of production lines to produce low-power fuel cells.

In terms of the cost of hydrogen production, Sun Jisheng said that the current price of hydrogen per kilogram has dropped to 50 yuan. One route of hydrogen production is solar power generation and water electrolysis to produce hydrogen. The cost of hydrogen production is determined by the cost of solar power generation. He believes that “in the next three years, the price of hydrogen per cubic meter will be less than 3 yuan, that is, one kilogram of hydrogen will be less than 35 yuan.”

At present, Yonganxing shared hydrogen bicycles have been launched simultaneously in Shanghai and Changzhou, Jiangsu. In August this year, Yonganxing has established Yonganxing (Shanghai) Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanghai to build a hydrogen energy industry application terminal product and service platform, and provide hydrogen refueling and hydrogen exchange services for more hydrogen energy bicycle users. The company is actively establishing a hydrogen energy industry supply chain in surrounding cities such as Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, and Shanghai, and accelerating the layout and integrated development of the hydrogen energy industry in the Yangtze River Delta.

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