“Shanhai Pao” debuted at the Chengdu Auto Show, Great Wall Pao made another effort in the field of high-end pickups


On August 26, China’s first large-scale high-performance luxury pickup “Shan Hai Pao” newly built by Great Wall Pao was officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show. This product, which has been fully anticipated by users, finally unveiled its mystery.

“Shanhai Pao” has high-level intelligent driving assistance, fully automatic parking and other technological configurations, and creates a full power matrix such as fuel, hybrid, pure electric, and hydrogen energy. No matter in configuration or appearance, it is full of “trendy”.

In addition, the Chengdu Auto Show also unveiled innovative pickup models such as the King Kong Pao New Farmer Edition, the Huodan Fury Qingqi, and the Great Wall Pao Residential Vehicle High-end Customized Edition.

“Shanhai Pao” is the main product concept of high performance, super luxury and super fun. First of all, in terms of performance, it is equipped with a high-performance 3.0T V6+9AT power system. power.

From the perspective of the body, it has a luxurious high-level business cockpit, electric welcome adjustment in the rear row, and a number of innovative patented technologies to realize the ultra-quiet experience of NVH in the rear row.

In addition, Great Wall Pao insists on creating a user brand through co-creation by users, constantly linking with experts in interest circles such as off-road, modification, mountaineering, etc., and constantly breaking the circle to create a full-scene pickup truck life. And with the Shanhai culture as the core, a series of related product series and IPs have been created.

As the first product to open the brand 2.0 era, “Shanhai Cannon” appeared sincere in its appearance.

Great Wall Cannon Speed

In the past three years, Great Wall has run its own pace in the pickup market.

As the earliest player in this track, Great Wall undoubtedly has a certain first-mover advantage. Now, after several years of accumulation, Great Wall has built its own brand influence in the pickup market, leading the market all the way.

In 2019, Great Wall launched the first passenger pickup, the Great Wall Cannon, which was the first to break the tool-like attributes of pickup trucks in the past. The Great Wall Pao brand is positioned as a high-end pickup brand, emphasizing the passenger and multi-purpose attributes of pickups.

As an important weapon for Great Wall to occupy the pickup market, the Great Wall gun brand has continuously enriched its product sequence. In the past three years, the “gun series” has successively launched artillery, locomotive guns, off-road guns and passenger guns, etc., and continuously created product sequences and IPs. So far, pickup trucks have moved towards more scenes.

Not long ago, Great Wall Pao announced that it has officially entered the brand 2.0 era, fully TOC, and building a global user brand. On August 25, POER Space, the world’s first high-end pickup image experience store, opened in Chengdu.

The performance of the Great Wall Cannon in the market undoubtedly shows the strength of the Great Wall Group. In the segment of the pickup market, Great Wall has always had its own advantages.

On the one hand, Great Wall Group started with pickup trucks and has deep accumulation in the field of pickup trucks. On the other hand, Great Wall’s huge SUV crowd over the years can undoubtedly provide important support for the transformation of Great Wall Cannon users.

In recent years, under the tide of electrification and intelligent transformation, new power brands headed by “Wei Xiaoli” have been aggressively showing off the “muscles” of technology. BYD and other car companies continue to suppress the market with cost. Competition in the automotive market is becoming increasingly fierce.

In order to reverse the situation and stabilize its position, Great Wall Group has played five technical cards of Haval, Wei, Euler, pickup and tank in the past period of time, and has achieved certain results in the market.

The “God Car” H6 created the category of 100,000 yuan compact SUVs for Chinese households, and the Tank 300 created the category of 200,000 yuan compact hard-core off-road SUVs.

Pickup, as the fourth trump card of the Great Wall betting market, has been making efforts in this field in the past few years.

In May of this year, the sales of Great Wall Cannons exceeded 300,000. After two years and eight months, 300,000 complete vehicles were rolled off the production line, and Great Wall created the “Great Wall Cannon Speed”, leading the pickup market trend.

Can the “Great Wall Cannons” successfully attack?

When SUVs quickly gained a firm foothold in the Chinese auto market, auto companies set off again, looking for the next subdivision track in the wave of revolution and broadening their own survival boundaries.

This time, pickups have become the new blue ocean being targeted.

Although the pickup market is not yet clear, the ambitions of major car companies to seize the market opportunities are difficult to hide, and they are competing to enter the track.

Great Wall’s achievements in the pickup truck market have given the outside world a glimpse of the development prospects of the pickup truck market. The “Great Wall Cannons” are looking forward to opening the pickup truck market in China.

Due to the influence of consumption habits, pickups are frequently preferred in the North American market, occupying a huge market share, while in the domestic market, pickups are more like “outsiders” and have been difficult to squeeze into the mainstream track for a long time.

In the past, in the eyes of Chinese consumers, pickup trucks were just a tool for carrying goods and goods, and it was difficult to meet the daily travel needs, let alone have anything to do with high-end products. The low-end and extensive pickup truck products launched in the market have been continuously strengthened. The stereotype of pickup trucks with “mud legs”.

Today, under the unbundling of policies and the mighty trend of electrification, pickup trucks seem to have the possibility of being redefined.

In terms of policies, in recent years, China has been interested in gradually relaxing the restrictions on pickup trucks. Many cities have loosened the restrictions on pickup trucks entering cities. The truck image is unbound.

In the process of electrification transformation, pickup trucks continue to reshape their attributes.

On the one hand, with the support of the electrified platform and electric drive system, the electric pickup truck has qualitatively improved in terms of body structure dynamic performance, intelligent technology and driving experience. On the other hand, the overall improved power level brings lower operating costs.

In addition, under the epidemic, people’s demand for outdoor travel has increased, and activities such as camping and hiking have become new trends. The characteristics of pickup trucks with large capacity and long battery life have met the needs of users, and the pickup truck market is booming.

With the help of a variety of factors, the pickup market seems to have a counter-attack. In 2021, the sales volume of the pickup truck market will exceed 500,000 units in one fell swoop, a year-on-year increase of over 10%.

The domestic pickup truck market seems to be slowly heating up.

Tesla, Rivian, and Ford have raised the banner of pickup development and entered the pickup market in a mighty manner. Domestic independent brands such as Changan, Jiangling, JAC, and JAC followed closely and launched electric pickups successively. More auto companies are storing Ready to go.

China’s pickup truck market has a new look,

Affected by the upgrade of domestic consumption, users have greater demand for high-end pickup products. In addition, the competition in the automobile market is more inward, and more emphasis is placed on product quality and customer experience. Pickup trucks continue to expand into the field of high-end products.

It is not easy for the “Great Wall Cannons” to create Chinese pickup culture.

How to change the tool attributes of pickup truck products, how to expand the pickup truck market, and how to get out of the niche market are two difficult problems for the “Great Wall Cannons”.

The raging fire in the electric pickup truck market is burning. Although the Great Wall Cannon has a certain first-mover advantage in the market, the rising new forces of pickup trucks and the changing market demand will continue to impact the development of Great Wall Cannon. Continuously update products to meet the needs of users. It is the way of survival for the Great Wall Cannons and the “Great Wall Cannons”.

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