Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics: Strengthen the regulation of the real estate market and strive to ease the financial pressure of enterprises

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The Shanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics released an analysis of the operation of the real estate development market in Shanxi in the first half of the year, and pointed out in several suggestions that unswervingly adhere to the positioning of “housing and not speculating”, do not use real estate as a tool and means to stimulate the economy in the short term, and maintain regulatory policies. Continuity and stability, with the primary goal of “guaranteeing the delivery of buildings, people’s livelihood, and stability”. In order to prevent development enterprises from unfinished projects due to insufficient funds, qualified commercial banks can be allowed to issue letters of guarantee for real estate development enterprises, moderately reduce the proportion of pre-sale funds supervision, strengthen the approval of pre-sale certificates, etc., and reduce real estate development enterprises funds in certain procedures. pressure, and improve the enthusiasm for land acquisition and construction. (Securities Times)
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