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There are no less than 20 various network disk programs that have been used in the past few years, and none of them have been satisfactory. Until some time ago, I saw someone sharing the vue-file-manager source code in a forum. After deploying and using it for a period of time, I felt that the function was beautiful Very satisfied with the value, so I recommend it to everyone.

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download link

The download address is as follows:

official documentation

The blogger did not write a detailed tutorial to teach everyone to deploy. The main reason is that the program has relatively complex environmental requirements, so it is recommended that friends with a certain foundation refer to the official documentation for deployment.

Official website

Official document address:

值得注意是PHP 环境要求,同时需要MySQL 数据库的支持:

  • Intl
  • GD
  • BCMath
  • PDO
  • SQLite3
  • Ctype
  • Fileinfo
  • JSON
  • Mbstring
  • OpenSSL
  • Tokenizer
  • XML
  • Exif

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