Sheep a sheep quick customs clearance skills

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[scode type=”yellow”] This tutorial is from the Internet, no need to install third-party software. Due to the timeliness of the tutorial, please use it in time. Required tools: computer + PC version of WeChat + text editor[/scode]

Step 1: Run WeChat on the computer, open the sheep applet, and play it to the second level.

Step 2: Click casually in the second level, then exit the game and return to the main interface of WeChat.

Step 3: In the lower left corner of the WeChat main interface, open设置文件管理in turn, and find the default save location for WeChat files.

Step 4: Open the address in the local file manager and find Applet/wx141bfb9b73c970a9/usr/gamecaches/resources

Step 5: Make good use of file sorting, find a json file with a size of 2kb, delete the code in it, and replace it with the following code:


Step 6: After the code replacement is complete, remember to save the file. Then reopen the game and play three or four games to clear the game.

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