Shihan Technology received tens of millions of financing from Maier Fund

Shihan Technology is a developer of intelligent software and hardware products, specializing in independent research and development of intelligent software and hardware products. It is also the industry’s leading provider of all-intelligent equipment software and hardware, providing one-stop product innovation, design and development, manufacturing, operation and maintenance. Product Lifecycle Services. The self-developed cloud computing platform, a SaaS-based smart health platform based on the PaaS platform of the DevOps model, supports toC-end and toB-end businesses, and at the same time relies on the big data platform with its own core technology to realize data assetization and data intelligence. Recently completed an angel round of financing of 30 million yuan, led by Maier Fund. This round of financing will be used for technology research and development, product innovation and iteration, strengthening supply chain capabilities, and building brand ecology.

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