Shocked, STWP has made a “daily backup” for more than 1700 Chinese independent blogs!

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Starting today (2022-07-18), new articles from about 1,200 blogs (excluding hidden blogs) included in saveweb/rss-list will be automatically pushed to the Internet Archive ‘s Save Web Page Now archive every day. .

At the same time (2022-07-19), we have also integrated the function of pushing new articles to the Internet Archive every day for the blogs (estimated to be more than 500) included in the RSS system of “Appointment of Ten Years “.

  • Thanks to the “Agreement of Ten Years” project team for opening the API interface. Together, we will preserve the freshness of Chinese independent blogs to reduce the loss of information after the links rot in the future;
  • Thanks to a possibly unwilling member of the STWP group for the Python code demo of the SPN2 API;
  • Thanks to Internet Archive.

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