Simba responds again to “selling fakes”: due to the dispute over the transfer of the trademark owner’s trademark, it will give a full refund to consumers

As for YPL’s “fighting” again, on the morning of April 23, Xinxuan Company responded to the media: The inspection found that the incident was caused by the dispute before and after the transfer of the trademark holder’s trademark, and it was not a fake… Former trademark holder Australia After Health Industry Co., Ltd. applied for the transfer of the trademark to Australian YPL Co., Ltd., there was a dispute between the two parties on authorizing a third party to use the trademark before and after the transfer. Therefore, the trademark transferee claimed that the products promoted in the live broadcast room “do not belong to the products of the YPL brand.” ” statement… Xinxuan said that it deeply regrets the trouble caused to consumers by the trademark disputes between the two companies, and will provide a full refund for all consumers who have purchased YPL products through the Xiaohuangche link in Xinxuan’s live broadcast room. payment.
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