Since switching to these methods to learn math, my blood pressure during homework has never been higher! (recommended to study)

Don’t play blindly in the summer vacation, and realize the child’s overtaking in mathematics while playing, isn’t it delicious?

Today, I would like to recommend 6 math board games to you, all of which I carefully selected after playing a lot of board games with my children. 3-12-year-olds can close their eyes and enter, it is fun and top -notch, it is really worry-free, labor-saving and money-saving to get mathematics enlightenment ! Let’s take a look together~

Class representatives focus

1. Treasure Island (80 levels)

– A good-looking single player game

Suitable age: 8+ years old

Exercise ability : graphic thinking, spatial imagination, planning ability

2. Noah’s Ark (60 levels)

– Solo game

Suitable age: 4 years old +

Exercise ability: logical thinking, number sorting, location and orientation reasoning, etc.

3. Pocket Math Puzzle

– A single player game that fits in your pocket

Suitable age: 6 years old +

Exercise ability: arithmetic ability, mathematical thinking;

4. Monster hide and seek (60 levels)

– Simple to set up but very fun single player game

Suitable age: 6 years old +

Exercise ability: spatial imagination, logical reasoning, graphic thinking

5. Smart circuit board (120 levels)

– Cool single player game

Suitable age: 8 years old +, 6 years old + can also play

Exercise ability: concentration, trial and error, graphic thinking, spatial imagination

6. Wisdom Rainbow Stick (120 levels)

——Single player game that adults also like to play

Suitable age: 7 years old +

Exercise ability: logical analysis, problem-solving ability, concentration


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