Singapore’s filter is broken

When a wish fails in one place, people always look forward to fulfilling it in another place. Singapore is “the other place”. Whether it is a speculator who is attracted by Singapore’s positive Web3 policy to pursue wealth, or an entrepreneur who sees overseas market space and hopes to reproduce the miracle of growth, or a frustrated person in the workplace who is just looking for more freedom and more living space, For most of them, it is “the next best thing”, as one investor said, “People who are wandering need a direction, and Singapore has become this direction for the time being.” | Related reading (later LatePost)


I have been to Singapore several times for work and travel, and I also have some local friends in Singapore. Once I asked a Hong Kong businessman how to compare the two financial centers of Singapore and Hong Kong. He jokingly said: Singapore is much “cleaner” than Hong Kong . I know that the “clean” he is talking about is not just the city streets, but also some institutional details.

Recently, I often see advertisements for immigrating to Singapore or investing in Singapore in Moments. Some time ago, this topic was also discussed among friends. Some people even planned to immigrate to Singapore with their families under the banner of developing Web3 companies.

So what kind of person is Singapore suitable for? In my opinion, Singapore, like many international big cities, is a “paradise for the rich”. Ordinary people just changed places to work. Moreover, the atmosphere of Singapore’s entire society also upholds the hard-working spirit of Asian culture, and the Singaporean population says “fear of losing”. So if an ordinary wage-earner wants to find a comfortable place to live by working part-time, then Singapore is actually not much different from Hong Kong and Shanghai, except that the life here may not be as rich as you imagine, but the system is more complete. Everyone strictly abides by the rules, and you will gradually get used to this almost harsh rule.

For many rich people with freedom of wealth, Singapore is more like a springboard. Singapore passports can be visa-free in many countries, and Singapore’s welfare and national happiness index are relatively high. In such a civilized society, both business and asset inheritance are important. It has a unique advantage, the so-called “advance can attack and retreat can defend”, and in such a Chinese-dominated society, as a Chinese, you will not feel unfamiliar and even feel at home during the holidays.

Choosing a city means choosing a life, there is no absolute good or bad, it all depends on whether this is the life you want.

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