Six Rules for Writing Clean Code

Let’s look at some suggestions on how to prevent the spaghetti code phenomenon by minimizing the visibility of variables .

Our goal is to minimize the part of the code where the variable is visible in the source code, i.e. reduce the scope of the variable .

Scope minimization is a process of structuring code, it’s easy:

  • declares the variable with the smallest scope, and
  • Assign the variable the data with the smallest scope.

In fact, it is the code structure that defines the visibility of variables.

background concept

A program consists of a combination of simple (eg assignment) or compound (eg conditional, loop) statements .

The latter statements can be nested , which means they can be composed of blocks of code that can contain other statements .

In particular, let’s consider two blocks A and B :

  • If A contains B , we say that A is an outer block of B , while
  • if B is contained in A

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