SK hynix’s revenue in the first quarter was US$9.5 billion, and its operating profit doubled year-on-year

SK Hynix, a memory chip manufacturer, has released its financial report for the first quarter. The revenue, operating profit, net profit and other indicators have increased significantly year-on-year, but the month-on-month decline… From the financial report, SK Hynix’s revenue in the first quarter 12.16 trillion won, equivalent to 9.557 billion US dollars, compared with 8.49 trillion won in the same period last year, a year-on-year increase of 43%… The financial report shows that SK hynix’s revenue in the fourth quarter of last year was 12.38 trillion won, operating profit was 4.22 trillion, and net profit was 4.22 trillion. 3.32 trillion won, an operating profit margin of 34%, is also significantly higher than the 24% in the first quarter of this year.
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